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Oceanic Atom 3 - Renewed Full-Blown Dive Computer With Powerful Processor

Oceanic Atom 3 - Renewed Full-Blown Dive Computer With Powerful Processor

Oceanic Atom 3 - advanced wireless air-integrated dive computer with Dual Algorithm, 4 dive modes, 3 Nitrox mixes. Any serious diver who wants to extend his/her diving experience will be happy to have this instrument as a Buddy!

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Oceanic has released Atom 3, a successor to its Atom 2 dive computer. Oceanic Atom 3 inherited many great features from its predesessor and got quite a few completely new features on its own. Looks like this well-known manufacturer of the scuba gear wants to transfer all its dive computers to Dual Algorithm!

It may be recommended dive computer for advanced recreational and technical divers, because of the possibility to set it for 3 Nitrox mixes with O2 from 21 to 100 percent. At the same time divers who just started discovering underwater world will find multifunctional diving computer, which will give them opportunity to grow in diving careers.
As this dive instrument is from the high-tech range, we need to spend some time learning it in order to master this computer in full extent.

At this preview we will portray the Key Features and Alarms and then describe the main differences between Oceanic Atom 2 and Atom 3. This comparison will give us clear picture of re-designed Atom and show how Oceanic met our demands.

Oceanic Atom 3 Features Card

Copy this Oceanic Atom 3 Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


Please Note: ATOM 3.1 units shipped after November 1, 2011 no longer feature Buddy Pressure Check.

Dual Algorithm setting - PZ+ or DSAT, allows us to program this dive computer for conservative and more liberal diving and Deep Stop function is available for activation. In comparison - Atom 2 operates with modified Haldanean Algorithm. To add even more conservatism in Atom 3 - we may turn on Personal Conservative Factor; and Deep Stop - is a great extra-safety feature if we diving deeper than 24 meters.

Oceanic Atom 3 has FO2 from 21% to 100% for all 3 Nitrox mixes, instead of only 2nd and 3rd Nitrox mix in Atom 2 (FO2 for mix 1 is Air, 21% - 50% in Atom 2).

Updated Atom 3 came with Data Retention feature - now we may replace battery without any hurry!

Other functions, like Gas Swithing during a single dive, Buddy Pressure Check, using it for FREEdive and as a Depth Gauge are all inherited from Atom 2. And by the way, Oceanic Atom 3 allows using all transmitters in Gauge mode instead of only 1st transmitter in Atom 2.



Benefits of using Oceanic Atom 3 dive computer

  • you will have a dive computer that is packed with variety of advanced functions including wireless air integration with very competitive price;
  • you will be able diving with 3 Nitrox mixes with FO2 up to 100%;
  • you may set Oceanic Atom 3 not only to liberal or conservative diving, but also turn on Safety Factor - that is the great benefits for cautious divers;
  • Oceanic Atom 3 will assist you in progression of your diving career by all possible means;
  • you will be able to replace battery yourself when needed without losing any dive data and settings








User Interface
4 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge, FREEdive
Integrated Digital Compass
Dual: Pelagic DSAT & Z+
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 100%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
9 - 57 meters
Logbook Capacity
24 most recent dives
Max Operational Depth
100 meters
Backlight duration
0/5/10/20 sec
Sampling Rate
2/5/30/60 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Data Retention
PC Interface
2 years










Oceanic Atom 2 dive computerOceanic Atom 2.0
Oceanic Atom 3 dive computerOceanic Atom 3.0


First of all, when you hold it or look at these photos above - the new look is noticeable straight away - dive computer inside the body of the stylish wrist watch! User control panel is the same - 4 control buttons located the same way as they do in Atom 2.

In addition to TLBG, Atom 3 got second bar graph for Variable Acsent instead of just an alpha message in Atom 2 and its display was changed to accomodate this bar graph for VARI, different positioning of tank icons, different icons for Decompression management, different location of tank pressure, ATR, PO2, and others.

Dive computer has "Step Back" function on user interface, so it won't be difficult to move around while setting Oceanic Atom 3.

To keep us fully aware of current conditions, whether on surface or underwater, computer is equipped with main and alternative displays. And according to mode your are in - it shows different sets of data.







Oceanic Atom 3 Set Menu is devided to few Groups. We may adjust Time, FO2, Utilities, and Alarms.


Oceanic Atom 3 Fine-Tuning Card

Copy this Oceanic Atom 3 Fine-Tuning Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!







Oceanic Atom 3: Diving With Air & Nitrox

I set Wet activation to ON - so, Oceanic Atom 3 turned on dive mode after it was about 1.5 meters deep. For test dive I set Nitrox for mix 1 and 2 to check out how easy to switch between gases during diving.

Atom 3 has better display layout and sharper and bigger digits. It displays large amount of information on main and few alternative displays. Below is the summary from main and alternative screens in No - Decompression mode:


Oceanic Atom 3 NO-DECO Card

Copy this Oceanic Atom 3 NO-DECO Displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


As I set Safety Stop (SS) to ON - I got a reminder and performed SS at 4 meters for 3 minutes. Most important values here - Stop depth and timer.

If I enabled Deep Stop - in certain conditions I might get DS reminder as well, so you may experiment with this option.

VARI works the same way as we may see in other dive computers from Oceanic. It detects our ascent speed and alarms the diver with audio and flashing full bar graph until you slow ascending. I experimented with it and audio was pretty loud - no problems to stay in allowable ascent limits.

During Normal dives (Air or Nitrox) I had access to Switch gases and Buddy Pressure check functions, if I enabled more than one gas mix and set one TMT for my buddy.


Switching mixes was smooth and easy, of course if TMT usage was set to SELF, not for buddy, or in a case of alarm.


Upon entry into the Decompression mode, Oceanic Atom 3 gave me loud and clear audio, LED flashed and that moment I new that Decompression arrived. From this moment all calculations would be made for Deco mode.

Dive computer manages DECO stops perfectly, all data was clearly seen on a big displays and I didn't have any troubles understanding it.

Below is a summary of what we will have on main and alternative displays for Decompression mode:

  • current and max depth;
  • full TLBG;
  • Decompression Stop depth and time;
  • Total Ascent Time (time to surface);
  • Tank pressure;
  • STOP icon;
  • Elapsed dive time (EDT);
  • Air time remaining (ATR);
  • PO2 level;
  • FO2 set point;
  • temperature;
  • time;
  • applicable icons

Oceanic Atom 3 closely monitors how diver follows decompression procedure and if it is not followed - dive computer will activate corresponding violation modes. As many other dive computers this one has 5 types of violations: Conditional Violation (CV), 3 Delayed Violations, and Violation Gauge mode (VGM).


For High PO2 - dive computer has 2 levels - warning and alarm. High PO2 alarm goes on when PO2 level increase up to alarm set point. High O2 has two levels as well, and if oxygen accumulation hits 80% - Oceanic Atom 3 warns the diver with audio and flashing icon O2%. When O2 level reaches 100% - diver will have audio alarm and flashing O2% icon until he/she gets to surface.


Oceanic Atom 3: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Another dive mode of this Oceanic dive computer is Gauge mode. Gauge mode allows diver to use all 3 transmitters and switch between mixes during diving.

Gauge mode has Run Timer function and I could set it to ON/OFF. If it is set to ON - EDT is displayed up to 99 minutes, if it is OFF - EDT displayed up to 999 minutes. And by pressing S (Select, Save) button we may turn on and off Run Timer if it was enabled.

Display in Gauge mode consists of main and alternative screens and below is the summary of what I had while diving in Gauge mode:

  • current and max depths;
  • Run Timer (if enabled);
  • Tank pressure;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR);
  • VARI (while ascending);
  • temperature;
  • time;
  • applicable icons


Oceanic Atom 3: FREEdiving

The next dive mode of Oceanic Atom 3 is FREEdive mode. This mode can be selected from Utilities group/Dive operating mode.

When we set FREEdive mode of operation - we will have access to Countdown Timer (CDT), set FREEdive alarms and display NDC on dive main screen.

Set of FREEdive alarms consist of following:

  • Elapsed Dive Time alarm - ON/OFF, factory fixed for 30 seconds;
  • 3 Depth alarms at progressively deeper depths - at range 10 - 100 meters in 1 meter increments


FREEdiving displays (main and alternative) show following dive data:

  • current and maximum depth;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • TLBG with corresponding number of bars;
  • Remaining Countdown Time, if set ON;
  • all applicable icons

During FREEdiving Oceanic Atom 3 monitors nitrogen loading from current and previous dives, and TLBG shows nitrogen accumulation. When you will have 4 bars on TLBG, dive computer warns with audio signal, and if nitrogen level increased up to Deco level - TLBG displays all 5 bars and Oceanic Atom 3 activates VIO (violation) mode. On surface it locks to Violation Gauge mode for 24 hours.

Back to Top







After 10 minutes on surface, Oceanic Atom 3 displays Surface Main screen, where I could access following menus:

  1. info about my last dive;
  2. No-Fly countdown timer (Air/Nitrox/Gauge);
  3. Desaturation countdown timer;
  4. Dive Planner (range 9 - 57 meters) - calculates No-Deco limits according to Algorithm selected, nitrogen loading or oxygen accumulation, and FO2 set point;
  5. Logbook - memory capacity 24 the most recent dives with several displays, containing very detailed dive data;
  6. Set Groups menus;
  7. Dive mode;
  8. History, etc.


Also I could use optional PC data cable to transfer dive data to PC or upload settings to dive computer.

Oceanic Atom 3 has data retention feature, so if we replace the battery - all settings and calculations for repetitive dives will be retained in memory.







Oceanic Atom 3: What Divers Say


  • packed with many advanced features and can be recommended dive computer for technical diving;
  • perfect price for complete system;
  • reliable dive computer;
  • easy to switch gas mixes;
  • great display layout



  • complicated user documentation;
  • need work on PC software;
  • may lose wireless time-to-time;
  • no "buddy pressure check" function


Oceanic Atom 3 is modern and sophisticated dive computer that was designed to cover the most diving conditions, except of course, using trimix. It comes not only with advanced user interface, but also with many fully customizable functions.

During our test dives, we didn't have any troubles to understand all dive data, switching gases, or perform decompression process.

Some users' reviews show that there is a possibility of lose wireless, but if it's lost - Oceanic Atom 3 picks up connection straight away! If I lost it for couple of times - in 1 - 2 seconds I had it back. But anyway, it is a great idea to have SPG, as a backup pressure indicator.

Buttons were easy to press, computer had strong and long enough backlight, and loud alarms.

Only one thing was not very comfortable - complicated user documentation. But it souldn't be considered as negative - Oceanic Atom 3 is one of the most advanced dive computers on our market these days. As I had experience with high - tech devices, like this one, I needed to play around with Atom 3 to be familiar and after few dives I appreciated this dive instrument in full extent!


Oceanic Atom 3 dive computerOceanic Atom 3
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star half star


We may say that Oceanic Atom 3 is a perfect addition and logical progression in high-tech dive computers' family these days and with its Dual Algorithm and several additional functions, mentioned above, it gives us opportunity to extend our underwater experiences to greater limits!



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Kent, 19 July 2013 17:22
Oceanic Atom 3 - Comprehensive Setup For Serious Diver

Oceanic Atom 3 is all-around dive watch computer for experienced divers, as it has all imaginable functions to dive with 3 gas mixes and to cover 4 dive modes. I think that beginners will find this computer complicated. As a dive instructor I always recommend something more straighforward and cheaper, like GEO or VEO 2.0.

Main downside in my opinion - Oceanic took out Buddy Pressure Check feature. I used to check tank pressure of my students using wireless transmitter, but now I need to come close and check it in old way. Everything else works as promised!

Bruno, 9 May 2013 13:17
I've never lost wireless with Oceanic Atom 3

I bought Oceanic Atom 3 about three months ago right before my trip to Coz.

I used it for the full week of diving with 11 dives, including two deep and a two night dives. I never had any connection issues with the transmitter or any issues at all regarding that.

All around, this is a great dive computer and I made a perfect investment for current time and future. Oceanic Atom 3 has more features than I will ever use and it seems very sturdy and reliable.

I wish it had buddy pressure check function and PC cable included, but these are not big inconveniences.

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