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Mares Puck Pro - User-Friendly Dive Computer With Advanced Personality

Mares Puck Pro - User-Friendly Dive Computer With Advanced Personality

Mares Puck Pro inherited all the best from its predecessor Mares Puck and got few more functions of its own, like larger display, new interface, 2 Nitrox mixes, NiBG (nitrogen loading bar graph) at the bottom of the display layout.

General Information
User Interface
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Mares Puck Pro may be recommended dive computer for solid foundation not only to start your diving career, but also to enter technical diving, as it allows diving with 2 Nitrox mixes. It suits perfectly to the very beginners, thanx to its intuitive and user-friendly interface and excellent user manuals, also convenience in setting Mares Puck Pro and comfort in diving.


Mares Puck Pro Features Card

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Benefits of using Mares Puck Pro dive computer

  • if you are a beginner who wants to start with recreational and move to technical diving, and prefer diving with simplified dive computer that covers these needs - Mares Puck Pro perfectly suits this purpose;
  • you will get dive computer with large display and clearly seen digits - great benefit for people who are visually impaired;
  • you will have very easy to understand dive computer, thanx to its user-friendly interface and perfectly structured user manuals;
  • you will get instrument that will push you gently to advance as a diver;
  • you will be able to CLEAR nitrogen memory - that is great benefit for dive shops and instructors who give Mares Puck Pro for rent;
  • you will be able to replace battery yourself when needed








User Interface
1 button
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge
Mares-Wienke RGBM
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 99%
1.2 - 1.6 bar
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
A0/A1/A2/A3 - 0-3700 meters
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
12 - 48 meters
Logbook Capacity
35 dive hrs with 5 sec sampling rate
Max Operational Depth
150 meters
Backlight duration
1 - 10 sec
Sampling Rate
factory preset
User Replaceable Battery
PC Interface
2 years










Mares Puck Pro has only 1 control button located on the bottom side of the dive computer's body. If we compare Puck and Puck Pro - we may notice larger display, different button's location, big nitrogen loading bar.
Another bar graph, indicating your ascent speed is located at the same place as in Mares Puck - middle left side of the display layout. If in certain conditions diver exceeds recommended ascent speed - Mares Puck Pro bips with SLOW message on that bar graph and also may show you FAST symbol. This function works the same way as in Puck dive computer.


Mares Puck Pro dive computer

Fig.1 Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer


Puck Pro has also slightly different menu structure, I may say even simplified. And still easy reachable and adjustable with just one button.

As with Puck, this dive computer will give you main and alternative screens on surface and underwater, and to see additional information shown - press button to swap between displays.

Mares Puck Pro has large display area and all digits are big and clearly seen in any conditions and under variety of angles - I didn't have any troubles viewing my dive data.

During adjustment, user should get used to short names that are shown on the display, because from the beginning it may be a bit confusing, especially if you are a complete newbie!







Mares Puck Pro was designed with menus that can be divided into 3 main groups: surface, dive and sleep modes. While on surface, user has access to 6 sub-menus to set variety of parameters, corresponding to diving, view logbook, interface with PC, plan consecutive dives, or CLEAR the nitrogen memory if needed.

You may notice that Puck Pro has backlight adjustable from 1 to 10 sec, in comparison to Mares Puck, that has backlight for about 4 sec factory adjusted.


Mares Puck Pro Settings Card

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Dive computer doesn't have too many parameters to set and its interface is very intuitive and straightforward - so I became a master of adjustment very quick (I should be proud of myself, shouldn't I :-) )!







Mares Puck Pro: Diving With Air & Nitrox

Scott set Mares Puck Pro to PREDIVE mode before going into water (that is good practice to follow) to start immidiate calculations. Display showed following dive data that is very similar to Mares Puck. So, for people who used previous model before won't be any problem diving with Puck Pro.


Mares Puck Pro NO-DECO Card

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He was diving with Nitrox set dive computer, and had option to see additional info by pressing button:

  • FO2 set point;
  • CNS (oxygen toxicity)


If you are diving with Air - you won't have those parameters calculated and displayed.

As Scott was diving well below 10 meters - he got a Safety Stop reminder upon ascending. And as a responsible diver he followed Mares Puck Pro recommendation. At that time dive computer displayed Safety Stop timer - parameter that has all our attention in this situation along with current depth.

For fast ascent dive computer reacted in proper way: "...bar graph on the middle left side appeared with message SLOW and audio came out. It stayed until I slowed down my ascent speed..."

Mares Puck Pro may turn on even dive violation mode for continuous fast ascent. In this case it will display special symbol with message FAST. Dive computer locks itself and works as a bottom timer only.


Other two vital parameters that Mares Puck Pro monitors if set for Nitrox are level of PO2 and CNS level. For each of them dive computer has specific alarm and specific display.
High PO2 alarm goes on when diver exceeds maximum allowable depth when diving with Nitrox, and in this case he/she must ascend to stay within at the max depth allowable.

CNS parameter has two stages alarm - when a diver reaches 75% and 100%. Upon reaching 100% - diver, of course, must terminate a dive immediately! All abovementioned alarms have their corresponding displays that are very easy to understand and follow.

Mares Puck Pro gives a user possibility diving with 2 Nitrox mixes. And as we set our dive computer for two gases - at certain depth it prompted Scott to switch to 2nd gas mix. Swapping gases, indeed, is very simple procedure - just two button clicks! Computer has all appropriate displays and alarms for this operation to ensure that you won't miss anything.


We didn't test it in DECO mode, so we didn't have Deep Stop reminder and DECO Stop displays. But anyway, few words about the Decompression mode. If we exceed NO-Decompression Limits (NDLs) - dive computer will activate Decompression mode to help us perform decompression procedure and resurface safely. You may see your approaching to DECO mode on the NiBG (nitrogen loading bar graph) on the bottom of the display. It filled up completely upon the entry into Decompression mode.

Mares Puck Pro manages DECO Stops by graphically displaying two triangles (arrows). They are easy to understand and follow:

  • when it displays 2 triangles at the same time - we are at the correct depth;
  • when we see downward triangle - we are at shallower depth than required and need to descend immediately not to violate the DECO mode


The most critical parameters at this moment are:

  • DECO Stop depth;
  • DECO Stop time;
  • TAT (total ascent time)


Other parameters may include:

  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • maximum depth reached during a dive;
  • current depth;
  • temperature


In the case of DECO violation - missing DECO Stop, Mares Puck Pro locks itself for 24 hours and works as a depth gauge and timer only.


Mares Puck Pro: Diving In GAUGE Mode

In Gauge mode computer doesn’t calculate No-Decompression Limits and works as a timer and depth gauge only. After diving in this mode - you have to wait at least 24 hours before using Mares Puck Pro as a decompression computer.

During this mode Mares Puck Pro shows following dive data on main display:

  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • current depth;
  • max depth during a dive;
  • ascent rate (if asending);
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • stopwatch;
  • temperature


If you want to see your average depth - press the button. It will toggle Max depth and Average depth on the top right corner of the display.

Back to Top







Right after the surfacing Mares Puck Pro has a transitional period for 3 minutes, which is counting down on display. During this 3 minutes period, diver may resume diving and computer sees it as a continuous dive. But if user don't dive before 3 minutes elapsed - computer sees it as a finished dive.

Display shows you:

  • No-Fly time;
  • Desaturation time;
  • surface interval;
  • NiBG (nitrogen loading bar graph);
  • other applicable icons and data


After diving we may easy access following modes with the help of just 1 button!

  1. PC mode - transfer Logbook dive profiles to your PC by using optional interface;
  2. Logbook that can store up to 35 dive hours with 5 seconds sampling rate;
  3. Dive Planner – scrolling of No-Decompression Limits, according to residual nitrogen saturation from your previous dives, water type, Conservative Factor set, altitude, and if Puck Pro was set for Nitrox - FO2 set point and MOD;
  4. System Mode – dive computer's serial number, firmware version, battery status;
  5. Set mode - fine-tuning your dive computer







Mares Puck Pro: What Divers say


  • easiest dive computer to learn and dive with;
  • large screen with selfexplonatory dive data;
  • can be recommended dive computer for the beginners;
  • convenient setting process;
  • excellent price-functions ratio;
  • easy user replaceable battery;
  • double Nitrox mix - perfect addition to already reliable dive computer


We didn't notice any backlashes while setting and diving with Mares Puck Pro. And it's nice to confirm that Mares again delivered to our market another excellent specimen after its bestseller Puck!
Even with streamlined setup (no any high-tech stuff) Puck Pro showed its flexibility in variety of diving situations, whether we were diving with Air, Nitrox, or used it as a bottom timer. Perfectly structured display layout and all nesessary dive data shown - all that assisted us and kept aware during diving or being on surface. Audio was loud and clearly heard.


Mares Puck dive computerMares Puck Pro
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star golden star


You will definitely appreciate Mares Puck Pro as your buddy, whether you are a beginner or recreational diver with experience. You will be able to learn this dive computer very quick and be ready diving in no time, thanks to its perfectly organized user documentation and set of menus.

Double gas mix will allow you progressing as a diver and try different diving scenarios that is always great to get new underwater experiences!

Set of alarms and warnings will always keep you on the safe side of diving, so you may trust the wisdom of this dive computer.

If you want to get reliable buddy with excellent price-features ratio and advanced functions - Mares Puck Pro is ready for this!



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Bobby, 15 August 2013 06:13
More Flexibility Underwater With Mares Puck Pro

After starting diving with Mares Puck Pro I always use double mix for easier decompression stage. Now I couldn't even imagine what I was doing before without it! It's perfect dive computer with easy to understand user manual, user-friendly interface, fully customizable settings.

Large display is easy to read at any conditions and depths, thanks to its strong backlight and very good organized layout! Nitrogen bar graph at the bottom of the screen - is nice addition to the whole setup!

Button is big and it is easy to press. I've heard someone said that this dive computer doesn't have "step back" or "fast forward" functions on interface and it is inconvenient. But, hey, that's a one-button dive computer!

As the overall impression during my more than 50 dives logged on Mares Puck Pro - it's just perfect for all recreational divers - whether beginners or experienced, young or older!

Scott, 15 March 2013 17:47
Like Mares Puck Pro Stability And Responses

I was diving with Mares Puck Pro for the first time and even I wasn't Mares fan before - I was pleasantly surprised with the dive computer performance! Even child could set it and dive with it!

Mares combined in Puck Pro not only all good functions of Puck, but incorporated setting for double Nitrox, which was easy to check underwater.

Now I'm thinking of buying Mares Puck Pro for my younger kid, who is about to start OW certification.

Jay, 12 March 2013 10:24
Mares Puck Pro Continues The Line Of The Most User-Friendly Dive Computers!

On our test dives Mares Puck Pro showed again that Mares takes seriously attitude towards beginners who want to progress in diving career with the help of easy to use, but advanced dive computer!

It has comprehensive number of functions, which are easy accessible with just one button; large display - perfectly structured and very easy to read. It has strong audio alarms and backlight. Button is located on the side and can be pressed comfortably.

Switching gases was an easy job - two presses on the button and I got second mix set!

Mares Puck Pro is a great dive computer - I would recommend this instrument to anyone who keeps strong money saving policy and prefers easy dive computer with potential of diving technical in a future!

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