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Mares Matrix - Future Of Diving Is Here

Mares Matrix - Future Of Diving Is Here

Mares Matrix is an advanced dive computer that allows us using 3 Nitrox mixes, but easiness of use and perfect user manuals made this instrument really user-friendly, so even the very beginner in diving may start learning Matrix and become the master of it in no time!

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User Interface
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By introducing to scuba market Mares Matrix, Puck Pro and making Nemo Wide multigas capable, Mares shows us its vision of future of diving! At the same time, looks like it discontinued production Nemo Air and Nemo Excel.

Video Introduction to Mares Matrix dive computer. Unable to watch this video? Watch it on Youtube

Mares Matrix must be considered as an advanced instrument that allows us use 3 Nitrox mixes, but easiness of use and perfect user manuals made it recommended dive computer for the very beginner in diving who may start learning Matrix and grow as a diver with it!

Mares Matrix is very stylish wrist computer and it looks unusual especially when it set in analog watch mode. Mares made it with integrated digital compass, possibility of setting 3 different Nitrox mixes and switching them during single dive, and it uses rechargeable battery. Charge lasts for about 10-12 hours, depending on using backlight and water temperature. And battery life is approximately 500 charge cycles.


Mares Matrix Features Card

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Benefits of using Mares Matrix dive computer

  • you will have dive computer with very intuitive user manual and interface;
  • you will get dive computer with convenient 3 Nitrox mix set up, so start technical diving would be easy;
  • you will have dive computer with large buttons, sharp and clear digits, strong backlight, and loud alarm;
  • you will be able to set many functions, as Mares Matrix has deep level of user adjustable options;
  • you will have dive computer that addresses all aspects of recreational diving, whether you're diving with Air, Nitrox, or in Gauge mode;
  • there is no need changing a battery - just recharge it when needed (battery lasts in average 10-12 hours);
  • you will be able using Mares Matrix not only as a dive computer, but also a standalone digital watch and compass








User Interface
4 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge
Integrated Digital Compass
Mares - Wienke RGBM
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 99%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
A0/A1/A2/A3 (range from 0 to 3700 meters)
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
12 - 48 meters
Logbook Capacity
35 dive hrs with 5 sec sampling rate
Max Operational Depth
150 meters
Backlight duration
1 - 10 sec/ALWAYS ON
Sampling Rate
5 sec
Rechargeable battery
Lasting battery
10-12 hours
PC Interface
2 years










Mares Matrix comes with 4 control buttons and I may say that you won't have any troubles to learn how to use them! Mares always produces clear to understand and follow user manuals!

Dive computer has 2 modes for watch - analog and digital. Digital is a default display. By pressing MODE button once, we will get analog display. By pressing and holding MODE button we will access compass display.

To access settings we need to press and hold UP button. From this point we may adjust:

  • dive mode;
  • adjust desired settings for diving, watch, or compass;
  • plan your repetitive dives;
  • access logbook;
  • see the firmware version of Matrix


You will use other buttons for further adjustments or for viewing information, whether you are underwater or onshore.

Mares Matrix has only 1 bar graph for displaying Nitrogen loading, all other alarms and dive data displayed in alphanumeric notations.

At any time we may call out full-tilt compass display by pressing and holding button MODE. During diving with Air, Nitrox, or Gauge we may get alternate display with dive profile that stays 8 seconds and reverts back to default dive mode screen.







Dive computer has 5 sub-menus:

  1. mode - for setting dive modes: Air, Nitrox (including multigas with FO2 21% - 99%), Gauge;
  2. settings - for adjustment all related parameters to either onshore operations or diving;
  3. dive planner - allows us to plan repetitive dives;
  4. logbook - here we may watch recorded dive data and see graphically our profile;
  5. info - this part shows you firmware version


Mares Matrix Settings Card

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At any time we may call out full-tilt compass display by pressing and holding button MODE.

Dive Planner has one purpose - it plans our consecutive dives. And it does it perfectly by displaying No-Deco depths and times according to residual nitrogen from the previous dives, FO2 set point(s), altitude and personal conservative factor adjustments.

Mares Matrix doesn't have to many parameters to set, and manual and user interface are very intuitive - so we adjust all desirable parameters, calibrated our digital compass, that picked up straight away correct direction, and now we are ready to jump into water!







Mares Matrix: Diving With Air & Nitrox


Mares Matrix NO-DECO Card

Copy this Mares Matrix No-Deco Diving Display Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


During diving with Nitrox computer calculates related to diving with Nitrox crucial parameters. Those parameters are:

  • PO2/MOD - High PO2 alarm goes on if current value exceeds the maximum value that you programmed when we go deeper than certain MOD;
  • Oxygen toxicity (%CNS) – alphanumeric message if CNS% reaches 75% and audio alarm with alphanumeric message if CNS% comes to 100%


As Mares Matrix allows us diving with 3 gas mixes, and you set it before, by reaching appropriate MOD for certain mix dive computer will prompt you to switch gases - alarm will sound and you will see alphanumeric message.

Upon reaching certain depth in your dive, computer may give us Safety and Deep stops prompts. These stops are not mandatory, but it is a good diving practice to follow them.

You would see Safety Stop notation when depth of your dive exceeded 10 meters. In that moment Matrix displays Stop depth and Stop time between 6 and 3 meters while you ascending. And Deep Stop reminder activated when we still in No-Deco mode and approaching No-Decompression limits (NDL). We have a choice between 1 Deep Stop for 2 minutes or 2 stops with 1 minute duration.

After we started ascending, dive computer activates ascent rate algorithm and notify you if the rate of ascent is more than 10m/min (30ft/min) – it gives you message SLOW DOWN, and beeps on you.


If we exceed NO-Decompression Limits (NDLs) - dive computer will activate Decompression mode to help us perform decompression procedure and resurface safely. Nitrogen Loading bar graph on the left consists of 6 bars. They gradually get added and show nitrogen saturation in tissues and blood of the diver.

Mares Matrix manages Decompression stops by graphically displaying two arrows. They are easy to understand and follow:

  • when it displays 2 arrows at the same time - we are at the correct depth;
  • when we see downward arrow - we are at shallower depth than required and need to descend;
  • upward arrow shows us that we are deeper than decompression stop depth required and must ascend



Mares Matrix DECO Card

Copy this Mares Matrix Deco Diving Display Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


Dive computer manages Deco Stops precisely - if we ascend above the recommended Deco Stop depth by more than 1ft - Matrix will sound an alarm, display downward arrow and show corresponding messages. It continues doing so until we return to specified depth.

If diver exceedes Deco Stop depth by 1 meter and remains there for 3 minutes - computer treats it as a Violation, displays exclamation sign in triangle and if you want to make another dive right away - computer stays LOCKED and displays this message. It will function as a Gauge only without nitrogen and oxygen loading calculations.


Mares Matrix: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Third dive mode of this dive computer is Gauge mode. In this case Matrix will function as a bottom timer. It monitors only current depth, time and temperature and it doesn't perform any decompression calculations. So it is completely diver's responsibility to figure out all bottom times and depths.

During Gauge mode, dive computer displays following values:

  1. Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  2. current depth;
  3. stopwatch;
  4. temperature;
  5. Ascent speed (in case of ascending)


Back to Top







After diving we may easy access following modes of Mares Matrix and list of them you will find below:

  1. No-Fly icon and countdown timer;
  2. Desaturation countdown timer;
  3. PC mode - transfer Logbook dive profiles to your PC by using optional interface;
  4. Logbook that can store up to 35 dive hours with 5 seconds sampling rate;
  5. Erase Desaturation - reset nitrogen saturation from previous dive to zero;
  6. Dive Planner – see No-Deco times and depths according to your nitrogen loading from previuos dives if any;
  7. Info Mode – Matrix firmware version;
  8. Recharge battery;
  9. Connect dive computer to PC to download and organize your recorded dive profiles and data







Mares Matrix: What Divers Say


  • very intuitive user manual and interface;
  • convenient 3 Nitrox mix set up;
  • large buttons, sharp and clear digits;
  • strong backlight


Mares made a great step to adjust itself in an advanced position it design and production of the scuba gear. And we have excellent proof of it - Mares Matrix advanced multigas dive computer!

Mares Matrix is recommended dive computer for beginners and technical divers. They will find many basic and advanced features that make Matrix outstanding dive instrument these days!


Beginners will get instrument that will allow them to become more experienced divers in short period of time and try it in different diving situations. Technical divers will find computer that manages multigas with ease.

Integrated compass works without issues and operates smoothly.

Large buttons, strong backlight, and sharp displays are all attributes of the user-friendly interface. User manual is a dream! I wish all scuba computers have the same easy to understand and follow docs!

And price for the whole package is very reasonable and competitive on our market. If we compare Mares Matrix with similar dive computers, we may say that it has perfect price-specs-functions-easiness-of-use ratio!


Mares Matrix dive computerMares Matrix
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star golden star


If you want to wear stylish dive watch computer with advanced functions, receive compliments from people around and feel yourself "cool" - try Mares Matrix - you won't be disappointed! It costs every cent of your investment!



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RomeL, 18 July 2013 13:09
Mares Matrix Is Really The Winner

After my Aeris Epic successfully died after serving me few years, I started looking for the replacement. I didn't care about wireless air integration, as Epic was losing it time-to-time and it was embarrassing. So after researching all reviews on this portal I've chose Mares Matrix.

I may tell that this computer is well ahead of all other similar dive computers! With number of functions, easy to learn user documentation, and perfectly designed interface with the end user in mind, Mares Matrix will easy satisfy demands not only the beginner, but tech diver as well (of course, if you don't use Helium).

I regularly use all 3 gas mixes and switching between them and all computations are precise and easy to understand! Integrated digital compass is very handy function and designed for easy use. Standalone digital wristwatch is very stylish and I enjoying its functions when I wear it between my dives.

Recharging battery is very smart and convenient function with recharger icluded in whole package! One recharging is well enough for the week-diving for usually 8 dives altogether!

I recommend Mares Matrix dive computer to every diver who doesn't need wireless air integration and doesn't use Helium!

Ezren Zeffirelli, 23 May 2013 04:17
I'm Impressed By Mares Matrix Performance!

Finally bought Mares Matrix (& X-stream). Tested it in the pool. Once out it calculate the Desat. Easy to use, and download was a breeze.I can look at the chart and review my buoyancy(ok ..ok I hv bouyancy issues).

X-Stream was amazing too.

I'm very impressed. 5 thumbs up!

Pontus Svanberg, 16 March 2013 11:54
Matrix ICE mode - Don't Be Confused With Subglacial Diving!

The first set of Matrix delivered had a small bug in the program so you coldn't program ICE (In Case of Emergency information). And when I got mine and sat on the edge of the real ice and did my last controls of equipment and computers I realised that I was trying to program ICE.

So it turned out to be a real good joke to use. Even Mares Chief Technichan was fooled when I posted the pic of me sitting on ice and showing Matrix in ICE mode, and thanking for the new invention.

Doug, 13 July 2012 17:00
I'm Very Happy Since The Beginning With Mares Matrix

I've bought Mares Matrix not long time ago so logged only 27 dives at day and nights, diving at Caymans this year and so far it performed very well without any problems. I could only notice that audio alarms is not loud enough (or it's only my assumption?).

User manual and dive computer interface are very user-friendly and intuitive. Display is perfectly organized and read. Strong backlight helped me during my night dives. And I may consider this dive computer middle-of-the-road conservative. I always had enough bottom time to enjoy around!

I like an idea having included USB interface and charger all-in-one. Battery lasts me about 7-9 dives, and if I use Matrix as a wrist watch only - it could last for more than 2 weeks.


When I had my Matrix first, I didn't updated firmware. And now Mares has an update on their website. But I've read some reviews that after updating - dive computer may go "kaput", so I still using it with old firmware and happy with it, even it doesn't support Windows 7 - I don't care, I'm with Windows XP Pro!

Integrated compass calibrated fast and works well, and I like it more than in Oceanic or Suunto models.

Switching gases - very easy procedure. When Matrix beeps on me during ascent - select the correct gas mix, and all calculations will start for that mix, easy as it is!

I'm happy with my investment, and even more, when people around make compliments because of my Mares Matrix.

So, I may recommend buying it to any beginner or tech diver, who doesn't require air-integration, but wants to dive with sophisticated instrument with great price-features factor!

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