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Best Scuba Diving Locations



For those who can not live without adventure, and to whom it's vitally important the adrenaline rush, we listed here just a few the best scuba diving locations from around the globe.

These dive places are the most popular and visited, thanks to underwater life and artefacts that we can meet and find, marvelous environment and friendly hosts. These dive spots are welcoming us any time of the year to share their beauty and fill us with emotions!

For more detailed information about one particular dive site - click on the image and you will be redirected by the warm underwater current to explore this dive site in greater depths! diver

Best Scuba Diving Locations: Best Caribbean Resorts

best-caribbean-resortsDozens of small islands in the Caribbean have geographic names - Lesser and Greater Antilles. Lesser Antilles are divided into the Windward islands: Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Turks and Caicos Islands, Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Saint-Barthelemy, Montserrat and the others, in which there are active volcanoes. And the Leeward Islands: Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire - which are small, mostly plain islands.

Diving in the Caribbean is an unforgettable experience for any diver. Fish has absolutely no fear of people, and besides of the small creatures, we may meet sharks and dolphins. Dolphins are able to heal the sick and improve the health of healthy people and their intelligence and ingenuity will leave indelible impressions to any person. There are even special programs for fun with dolphins.

One of the main entertainment on the best caribbean resorts - shipwreck diving. According to various reports, from XIV to XVIII century in these waters sank more than 3 thousand ships. Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons for the increased interest in diving in the waters of the Caribbean Sea on its best scuba diving locations. And today there are many treasure hunters. Ships had been lying at the bottom of a few centuries, becoming a magical, dreamlike look. Marine life turns the ships into the colony of organisms, and some of them give the impression of the rock, plastered with coral.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving Aruba

aruba-renaissance-airplane-divingThanks to the pure blue-green waters, Aruba is a great place for water sports. In the north-west of the island is the beach of Boca Catalina, which is the best place for snorkeling. Near the coast we may meet different kinds of fish. In addition to this place, a perfect place for snorkeling beaches are: Palm, Baby, and Arashi.

Although diving in Aruba not the same as diving on Bonaire island , but still, the divers can easily find perfect dive spots to explore underwater life. The best diving time - in the early morning and to the moment when it is too windy during a day.

Best scuba diving locations in Aruba include remains of sunken ships and even airplanes, and also Sponge Reef near Renaissance Island. Most famous of them are wrecks of Pedernales and Antilla. Antilla is German freighter 400' long. It was scuttled by the Germans in 1945. It is the largest wreck in the Caribbean, which is especially interesting for night diving. And Pedernales was tanker during the Second World War.
Few other interesting dive spots are: Debbie II wreck, wreck of the tugboat on the Harbor reef (great place for underwater photo), Jane Sea wreck (at a depth of 80', the Jane Sea is sitting upright just off the reefs edge. The freighter is almost 200 feet long and is surrounded by some spectacular sea fans and brain corals), and sunken airplane near Renaissance Island. Visibility under water just perfect and up to 60 meters and clean water - crystal.

Red Sail Sports Aruba, Dive Aruba, and JADS Aruba - internationally renowned diving centres and offer the highest standards of service to its guests and have the long list of the best scuba diving locations in that area.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving In Australia

manta-scuba-diving-in-australiaYou can do diving in Australia for whole of your life, but it would be still impossible to dive at all the dive sites around Australia, since this may take a few of your lives!

Underwater photographer and videoperator can capture, when diving at dive sites in Australia, almost everything that can be seen in the world's oceans, from nudibranchs to sharks and whales. One of the most famous and largest dive area - it's Great Barrier Reef, of course!

Great Barrier Reef - is not only a popular place for divers around the world, but also one of the most affordable places to learn the basics of this diving. Best dive training centers are located in cities Cairns and Townsville in Queensland. But also we may find decent schools along the coast of the state. Private boat trips can include dive training with an instructor or offer an unforgettable night walk underwater for more experienced divers.

The underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef is unmatched in scale and diversity to anything in this world - that's the feedback from travelers, who were wandering around the planet and dove in the best scuba diving locations of Maldives, Seychelles, Hawaii, Galapagos archipelago, those who have seen the coral reefs of the Caribbean and Red Sea, French Polynesia and Palau. No wonder, that thousands of tourists are flying every month to the distant Australia through the half of the world, to enjoy incomparable charm blue lagoons and straits, which are concealed with countless living treasures of the Great Barrier Reef.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving In Cancun Mexico

Scuba diving in Cancun Mexico - Whale SharkCancun - it is snow-white beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, world-class hotels, restaurants, vibrant nightlife. This is the perfect resort, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. This resort is included in the top ten best scuba diving locations in the world. The tropical climate, the average temperature in summer is 22-35 degrees centigrade, and in the winter of 20-25 degrees centigrade.

Scuba diving in Cancun, Mexico and its surrounding areas are able to surprise even the most experienced and advanced divers. Fantastic variety of diving and the second longest coral reef in the world are making this place one of the best places in the world for diving. You can enjoy diving in the open sea, underground karst caves, which are the unique natural formations, and only here, on the Caribbean coast, are used for diving. The crystal-clear waters with rich marine life will make your underwater experience unforgettable!

Cancun is in a list of the best places in the world for deep sea fishing. Specially equipped boats go to sea for 4, 6 or 8 hours, depending on your desire. Fishing is also available in the mangrove jungle lagoon as well. You will be able to catch barracuda, sea bass, red snappers, dorado, yellowtail snapper, mackerel, sailfish, marlin, wahoo, tuna and many others! Also there are few places in the Cancun area, where was allowed spearfishing.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving In Cozumel

Scuba Diving In Cozumel - Reef divingFor those people who are planning to spend your vacation in Mexico, Cozumel is definitely one of the places. Even after decades of popularity, Cozumel is tranquil, quiet and undiscovered piece of paradise.

Nice flat Cozumel island is only 19 kilometers from the coast of Yucatan. Interior of Cozumel is covered with lush tropical jungles, while the coastline is surrounded with white-sand beaches, surrounded by the very blue, and the clearest water in the world.

Cozumel had long reputation as a best place for beginner divers with its cleanest waters surrounding the island that have some of the most beautiful and delicate coral formations in the world, and sea inhabitants, for which these coral reefs are home. Divers can easily spend hours exploring the underwater coral formations and the remains of the large sunken Spanish galleons that once long time ago made their home here in Cozumel, lying on the bottom of the ocean.
Hotels on the island of Cozumel were reconstructed and modernized in recent years. While there is a wide variety of accommodation in budget hotels and common hotels - bungalows, there are also many top level resorts that can satisfy all the desires of the visitor. Among of them stand out Allegro, Melia, Cozumel Palace.

Scubadiving schools have qualified instructors who have long experience and even longer listing of the best scuba diving locations in Cozumel area!


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Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving Cuba

Hotel Blau Varadero CubaWith its shelf sizes comparable to a decent continent, Cuba is one of the best scuba diving locations in the Caribbean and one of the best caribbean resorts as well! Here, at 70,000 square kilometers of calm and warm waters, protected by an extensive reef and the surrounding islands, the whole underwater universe rages with the most unexpected shapes and colors.

One particular advantage of scuba diving Cuba is that it is surrounded by a coral reef and nearly four thousand small islands gathered in the archipelago. This resulted in a lack of strong currents around Cuba that provides horizontal visibility at an average of 40 meters. Water temperature ranges from 24 degrees in Celsius in winter to 29 degrees in summer, thanks to broad and relatively shallow submarine platform, under the island, and tropical climat conditions. This allows you to enjoy scuba diving all year round.

There are plenty of yachting and other water sports centers on the north and south coasts of Cuba and its surrounding islands. They care about tourists and all managed by different specialized companies with its own fleet of vessels and all necessary equipment for diving and other activities.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving In Gozo

Scuba diving in Gozo: Blue HoleScuba diving is very popular in Malta. Many divers, who visited this dive spot from around the world, claim that just to make one dive in Maltese waters it is worth to come to Malta. The Maltese archipelago consists of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, and it attracts divers primarily for its unique topographic structure and purity of the coastal sea and the rich underwater flora and fauna. With a variety of underwater terrain, both - experienced divers, and the beginners, will find particularly in Gozo many interesting places to dive.

Purity of water and good visibility - important criteria for diving. There are not many places where we can find a crystal clear and transparent water, like around the Maltese islands. And thanks to a healthy ecological environment in Maltese waters, divers may meet underwater fauna that can not be found in other parts of the Mediterranean. Underwater visibility depends on the dive site and weather conditions. On average, when the weather visibility is 30-50 meters at a depth of 20-30 m.

Divers appreciate local relief of the rocky coast. In a bizarre rugged coastline of the Maltese Islands, there are many steep cliffs, which are truly fantastic, spectacular arches, caves, crevices, and tunnels. Many of them are in deep water, and only experienced divers have the opportunity to assess those unique natural structures. And, of course, sunken ships are waiting to be explored by wreckdivers!


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving In Grand Cayman

Stingray City CaymanIt is possible to dive from any shore on Grand Cayman. For a one-time dives, it is a great preference for the west coast, where is mainly calm waters. The most interesting places at this area are located at the north-west wall, opposite the northern coast. Sometimes, it's hard to reach to one particular dive spot, so divers can only get by boat there and in good weather.

One is the best scuba diving locations is Three Sisters. They are situated near the southern coast of the island, near the entrance of East End. Underwater slopes on this side of the island descend deeper than off the west coast. The reef here extends to a depth of 22 meters, and there are three huge rocks, which looked like as if specially built at the reef basement. These rocks form canyons, where you can swim from one end to another. Their walls are covered with corals. Rocks are separated by a distance of about 80 meters, and if you want to explore the reef as a whole, carefully plan your dive and watch for air!

Three Sisters are covered with lush underwater vegetation, gorgonians, sponges. Here you will find a great variety of fish and other animals typical of the Caribbean, and particularly spotted eagle rays and variety of sharks.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving Ibiza

Pillars of HerculesIbiza was recognized PADI, as the best place for diving in Europe. This small island has about 200 km of coastline with always crystal-clear sea all year round. In Ibiza were created all conditions for exciting and unforgettable diving.
Interesting underwater landscape, picturesque shipwrecks, beautiful reefs, as well as a large variety of marine life - that's what Ibiza for diving! There quite a few diving schools and many of them offer diving in the famous underwater caves.

Throughout the century, there occurred many great sea battles. That's why Malta itself and its adjoining areas - unique places for those whose passion is diving to the sites of shipwrecks. Among other attractions - rocks, perforated by water, orange soft corals and bright red starfish.

The best scuba diving locations are situated in the west of Ibiza, although there are other interesting bays and reefs along the coast for underwater explorations. The water temperature in Ibiza is 28°C in the summer, and it drops to 14°C in winter. Underwater visibility varies, but it is usually 20-40 meters.

One of the main attractions for divers in Ibiza is the seabed, called Posidonia, in Ses Salines. The fields of Posidonia (commonly known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed) are also a great source of biodiversity as they are the habitat of numerous vegetable and animal species, some of which are in danger of extinction. The oceanic Posidonia has an annual growth cycle and the dead leaves, sometimes in the form of a ball, are deposited on the beaches, protecting it from the erosion caused by the waves. In 1999, this underwater zone was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving Kauai

Scuba Diving KauaiGorgeous island called Kauai is situated on Hawaii. Besides the beauty of the island itself, it is worth noting the unique location of the Hawaiian Islands and their origin - they are formed due to volcanic activity of the island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Mesmerizing and clear waters, literally lure divers who can explore all day long volcanic caves and swim inside the sunken ships. In parallel with all of this you can go hunting on the local exotic fish.

Poipu Beach is the main gem on the island with stunning sand and ideal location. This is an exclusive place to visit by all the tourists. Other famous attractions of the island are: Waimea Canyon - The Grand Canyon of the Pacific and the coast Napali and Polihale. Napali Coast is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical weather, sunny climate. All the divers who have been to Kauai with one voice will tell you that the water is crystal clear and that fully allows you enjoying all the beauty of the aquatic flora.


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Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

Scuba diving Puerto RicoTropical water of Puerto Rico offers great opportunities for divers. Average water temperature is 27°C and the visibility under the water in the Caribbean Sea is 30 meters or more. Near the beaches underwater visibility somewhat smaller, averaging 18 - 23 meters.
Professional divers prefer to dive from the boat: there are an infinite number of the best scuba diving locations, especially in the north coast near Aguadilla and Isabela, where is available exclusively spectacular diving.

Small island of Desecheo at the west of the island is considered the best in the Caribbean for underwater attractions and is famous for its nine-mile deep underwater canyon. Another place with its best scuba diving locations and excellent conditions is Isla De Mona, which is under protection of the National Fund of Natural Resources, and it attracts divers by gorgeous coral reefs and exceptionally clean sea water, which is the average visibility is 45-60 meters.

It is also interesting to explore the underwater world around the islands of Culebra and Vieques. For snorkeling are very suitable shallow reefs near San Juan, Dorado (north side), Mayaguez (west side) and Humacao (east side).

There are PADI schools for novice divers in Puerto Rico, where you can take a course with an experienced and certified trainer. All necessary equipment can be purchased here or rented.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta

Scuba diving Puerto VallartaScuba diving in Puerto Vallarta is a unique opportunity to observe the life of sea creatures, by going in underwater tour for a few hours with an experienced instructor. Tourist resort city of Puerto Vallarta is quite large and very popular city in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta is located near the largest bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico named Banderas.

There is more than enough best scuba diving locations at a distance of half an hour by boat from the seaport: the uninhabited islands, underwater reserves, coral reefs. Divers would often meet these sea giants like whales, swordfish, sailfish, marlins, dorado, octopus, and of course huge stingrays and manta rays.

Another attraction of this part of the Pacific coast - is the sea turtles. They are protected by the Mexican government, which creates reserves and contributes to the increasing population of these reptiles.

If you want to explore the underwater world, but for some reason do not want to dive with scuba - there is always an option of snorkelling. There are quite a few areas in Puerto Vallarta that are worth to visit and do snorkelling. Among them - far from civilization Majahuitas beach and uninhabited islands Marietas.

Here you might encounter manta rays, hawksbill turtles, black-blotched porcupinefish, angelfish, butterfly fish, damsels, parrot fish, needlefish, puffers, eagle rays, octopus, crabs, lobsters, christmas tree worms, whales, dolphins and over 600 species of tropical fish and a multitude of marine birds!


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving In Surat Thani

Scuba diving in Surat ThaniSurat Thani Province in Thailand is not too populated, and among the tourists are not so well known, although the nature and beaches there are also great, as in the whole kingdom.

If you're going to dive for the first time, the best place for you to be in Ao Chaweng Yai Surat Thani. The maximum depth is up to 7 m, and the slope is very easy for еру beginners. The presence of a large variety of fish and coral darkened by somewhat poor visibility, but for training Ao Chaweng Yai is a great place. We strongly recommend to dive with more experienced diver, as the underwater currents are also present.

There are several islands near by, which are paradises for divers, those are Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and Koh Samui. They all have number of the best scuba diving locations in Surat Thani Province, like Chumphon Pinnacle, Green Rock and Sail Rock, Japanese Gardens and others. They are all situated in the Gulf of Thailand. The islands can be reached during whole year by boat, though in November and December there may be high waves. The best period of visiting is from December till April, because waters are calm and nice, and visibility is good.

Fans of underwater flora and fauna, of course, will be very satisfied by the local dive sites, as well as a small number of other divers who can disturb underwater inhabitants!


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving Tampa

Florida - diving center of the U.S. Here are concentrated the most famous dive sites and most experienced dive centers. Warm and clear underground rivers have created an extensive system of flooded caves in the center of Florida.

Scuba Diving Tampa_manateesVariety of aquatic environment surrounding the peninsula, making diving a popular form of recreation in Florida Here are the headquarters of many well-known manufacturers of underwater equipment and facilities. From here were originated many popular diving schools.

Diving in Florida is popular and diverse. Everyone can choose a dive to your taste and to your preference. Hundreds of dive centers in the western, eastern and northern coasts, offering a wide choice of scuba activities and long numbers of the best scuba diving locations in Tampa. There is ample opportunity for both the beginner and for the serious diver. Reefs, wrecks, caves, deep dives!.. In Florida exist all common types of diving, of course, except diving under the ice!

Tampa is washed by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The bizarre system of islands and channels form Tampa Bay, where to inflow the quiet rivers from the plains of Florida. State cares of the environment, and the beautiful weather together did their job - local waters are densely populated by marine inhabitants. In addition to large schools of fish you can see dolphins playing in the bay and streams in the morning. During the dive, you can often find manatees, who are attracted here by warm water and abundant food. Even in the cold winter months the water temperature does not drop below 20°C.
In the area of Tampa is one of the largest artificial reef in the world that people are constantly building and the sea since 1964. Here you can find mackerel, grouper, sharks, turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, barracuda and many others.

The most famous and best scuba diving locations - Crystal River, Rainbow River, Tampa Bay.


Best Scuba Diving Locations: Scuba Diving In Texas

Scuba diving in TexasCactus and sand that's what most people think of Texas! Such a thinking is present not only among the people from other countries, but many Americans are not actually aware of what a wonderful world is under the desert land of this state. Meanwhile, underwater caves in Texas are some of the deepest and most complex in the world!

And, by the way, Texas diving has it all: major shipwrecks, marine sanctuaries, big pelagic sea life and even many inland freshwater diving sites.

The best scuba diving locations in Texas are lake Amistad (excellent year round water-based recreation including houseboating, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and kayaking. It is also one of the deepest lakes in Texas with a maximum depth of 217 feet); Blue Lagoon near Huntsville; an old missile silo 130' deep filled with 60 degree crystal clear water in Valhalla; South Padre Island with its famous artificial reef made of the shipwreck of 473-foot long Texas Clipper, and sited 17 miles off South Padre Island; Possum Kingdom Lake - that's one of the oldest inland scuba diving destinations; Flower garden Banks and many-many other spectacular dive places.



Of course, one may say - that this listing of the best scuba diving locations is not complete - and this person will be totally correct.

Because there are many-many more fantastic diving areas, like Palau in Micronesia and Maldives, Marshall Islands and Bahamas, Papua New Guinea and Galapagos Islands, Rangiroa in Polynesia and Riviera Maya in Mexico, and it goes without saying - Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia with all its unexplored and wild areas!

I think it's up to you to discover new places to be named as the best scuba diving locations and put them on the map.


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