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UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G Is All Around Dive Computer That Will Take You Pretty Far In Diving

UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G Is All Around Dive Computer That Will Take You Pretty Far In Diving

UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G dive computer is very user friendly and very easy to set and dive with. It suits perfectly beginners, advanced recreational and technical divers. Excellent price - features ratio!

General Information
User Interface
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UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G entered scubadiving market in 2006 and since then became quite popular among professional and recreational divers thanks to its flexibility of usage, richness of functions and unique algorithm that adds extra-safety in any type of diving conditions.

Despite variety of features, this dive computer is very user friendly and very easy to set and dive with. It suits perfectly beginners, advanced recreational and technical divers. It combines sophisticated algorithm, which we may find in Galileo SOL, inside the small and compact size of Uwatec Aladin dive computer.

You may build a 2- or 3 – gauge consoles with Aladin Tec 2G. First is with pressure gauge and the latter is with pressure gauge and compass.


UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G Features Card

Copy this UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!



Benefits of using UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G dive computer

  • you will get pretty advanced dive computer that allows you starting technical diving and expand your diving experiences;
  • you will get dive computer with number of unique functions to ensure you will be safe every dive;
  • you will be able to build console by adding SPG to stay aware of your air consumption;
  • you will be able to replace battery yourself








User Interface
2 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge
Integrated Digital Compass
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 100%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Timer – at range 1 – 5 min
Deep Stop (DS)
MB (microbubble) Levels
L0 - L5
Altitude adjustment
automatic - 0 - 4000 meters
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
planning NO-DECO & DECO dives
Logbook Capacity
25 dive hrs with 4 sec sampling rate
Max Operational Depth
120 meters
Backlight duration
2 – 12 sec
Sampling Rate
factory pre-set
User Replaceable Battery
Battery 'hot swap' or Data Retention
PC Interface
2 years










UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G has 2 control buttons on user’s interface and you need to read manuals carefully to learn how to use them, because it may be confusing since the beginning, as instructions are not the best of its kind!

Dive computer has only 1 bar graph on the right side of display layout that is shared between following functions – Nitrogen loading, Residual Nitrogen and Desaturation, Battery status (information is displayed according the mode we are in).

The rest of functions, like Ascent rate and O2 level are shown with the help of notations, icons and numerically – Aladin doesn’t have special bar graphs for them, like many other dive computers, represented on this site.







UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G has 2 sets of functions that may be adjusted via dive computer itself or by using optional infrared PC interface unit and SmartTrak software.


UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G Fine-Tuning Card

Copy this UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G Fine-Tuning Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


Aladin has unique Dive Planner that allows us to plan not only NO-DECO dives but also DECO dives that based on entered FO2 and maximum operational depth (MOD), MB Level selected, altitude, gas mix switch assumption, water type and temperature, level of nitrogen and oxygen loading that diver may have from previous dives.







UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G: Diving With Air & Nitrox

Before describing diving functions and displays it is worth to say few words about Microbubble (MB) Suppression feature of Aladin’s algorithm.

Microbubbles (MB) will build inside human body during any dive and even doing Decompression and Safety stops won’t prevent them from developing. So, UWATEC designed special mathematical model of calculation that adds additional safety to diver.

According to this, you should set certain level of MB suppression – from Level 1 (lowest protection) to Level 5 (highest protection).

During a dive, depending on dive time, depth, and some other factors, UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G will give you several prompts to perform additional level stops (for microbubbles suppression). It will assure diver, that after resurfacing, he/she will have the lowest level of microbubbles in his/her body.

All it is done for our extra-safety and I recon – it is a great benefit to have something like that not only for divers who dive in challenging conditions, but for the rest of us as well!


UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G NO-DECO Card

Copy this UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G NO-DECO Displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


When we exceed No-Decompression time and depth, UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G activates Decompression mode and all dive data calculated regarding to Decompression dive. Dive computer manages decompression stops very well – all data intuitive and you will easily understand all values and notations. Display layout looks as follows:

  • Decompression Depth and Time;
  • applicable icons and notations;
  • Total Ascent Time (TAT);
  • Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph;
  • O2 toxicity level (if any);
  • Elapsed Dive Time(EDT);
  • max depth reached during a dive


UWATEC Aladin has MB Suppression function and if you set MB Level higher than L0 (L0 setting doesn’t require ‘level stops’), you will be prompted to complete few ‘Level stops’ no matter whether you are in No-Decompression mode or in Decompression mode. All dive data during MB Level diving is supported by Level Stop Information, like:

  • level depth;
  • level countdown timer;
  • Total Ascent Time;
  • corresponding icons and notations


UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G: Diving In GAUGE Mode

UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G may be used as a Gauge. In this dive mode it works as a depth gauge and timer only. Aladin doesn’t calculate No-Decompression limits and oxygen toxicity level, and also process of microbubbles formation is not controlled either.

In Gauge mode you will be able to use Stopwatch, make a Bookmark, and swap between main and alternative displays to see dive data listed below:

  • current depth and max depth;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • temperature;
  • average depth during a dive;
  • current time


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After surfacing, UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G will display following parameters:

  • No-Fly Countdown timer;
  • Residual Nitrogen Bar Graph (subtracts segments during off-gassing period);
  • Desaturation Countdown timer;
  • No-Dive warning icon (if applicable)


At surface you get access to Logbook and PC download function:

  • Logbook can store 25 dive hours and has 3 pages of detailed information; Static section of the Logbook has the same meaning as a History mode in other dive computers represented on this website. Static part displays total number of dives, total dive time, longest and deepest dive;
  • PC download is very easy to set up thing – all you need for this – Infrared Unit and SmartTrak Software installed on PC. When you established interconnection between PC and Aladin there will be 2 options available for you – download Logbook to PC and configure settings of Aladin by using SmartTrak and then upload them to Aladin


I found that this is one of the most convenient things – configure my dive computer by using software application installed on my PC and not by pressing control buttons in my dive computer – saves lot of time! And before diving – just check everything is fine!







UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G: What Divers Say


  • built for tech diving, but works for recreational depths just fine;
  • SmartTrak software is great;
  • great dive computer for deep/long bottom air and nitrox deco;
  • perfect for entry level tech divers;
  • easy to change gas mixes just with one button;
  • perfect all around computer that will take you pretty far in diving;
  • best dive computer for money, especially 2 gas capable...



  • manual is structured not very well and can be confusing for novice diver...


UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G is another example of additional safety and reliability from UWATEC dive computers line.

Some of the benefits of having particular model – very fair and reasonable price; MB Suppression function for extra-safety; Dive Planner for No-Decompression and Decompression dives with ability to plan your dives with 2 gas mixes!

UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G dive computer
UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G

Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star golden star


If you are cautious diver who requires extra-safety because of conditions you dive, or you have personal physiological conditions and you want to have easy to set up dive computer with rich features that extend your experience to tech-diving and do not pay big money for it – you should definitely consider investing in UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G!



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Larry, 5 October 2011 08:44
UWATEC Aladin Tec 2G Helped Me To Become A Tech Diver!

After diving recreational with Aladin Prime for few years I decided to try technical diving and bought Aladin Tec 2G with dual Nitrox gas capabilities. This dive computer didn't disappoint me!

It has easy to follow user documentation, intuitive user interface and easily readable display. I may set it for double Nitrox as I wanted, and it works out all procedure of switching between them perfectly.

This dive computer has comprehensive set of safety features, like Micro-bubbles level adjustment and Safety stops, which is good for me, because I am a cautious diver.

Also I like software that comes with it. With Smart Trak I am able not only download my dive profiles into the PC, but do opposite thing - upload settings from PC to Aladin Tec 2G that saves me a lot of time!

Overall it is great value for money - user-friendly dive computer with double Nitrox mix. There are not many dive computers like Aladin Tec 2G around!

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