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Suunto D6i - Stylish Watch Onshore And Reliable Diving Watch Computer Underwater

Suunto D6i - Stylish Watch Onshore And Reliable Diving Watch Computer Underwater

Suunto D6i - wrist diving watch computer, which is favored by those who have taking diving seriously.
It has the ability to connect wirelessly to the air tank. This allows a diver monitoring tank pressure and the amount of remaining air just by looking at his/her wrist.
3D-tilt-compensated compass extremely simplifies navigation: diver can be confident in the accuracy of its readings regardless of the position of the wrist.

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User Interface
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Suunto D6i diving watch computer is further development of well-known D6 model that has been keeping leading positions in nowadays scuba market. D6i inherited many functions from previous model, which made it outstanding buddy, and on top of that it got wireless air integration with support of 1 transmitter.

Suunto D6i has 4 dive modes:

  1. Air dive mode is used for diving with FO2 - 21%;
  2. in Nitrox (enriched air) we may set FO2 up to 99%;
  3. in GAUGE mode diving watch computer works as a bottom timer without performing NDLs calculations;
  4. FREEdive mode is for those guys who love taking challenges and go freediving


Suunto D6i Features Card

Copy this Suunto D6i Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


Integrated 3D-tilt-compensated compass extremely simplifies navigation: you can be confident in the accuracy of its readings regardless of the position of the wrist.

Dive Planner allows you planning dives and view information on the no-decompression limits (NDL) for various depths.

Once you install the DM4 with Movescount on your PC or laptop, you can easily synchronize your dive computer Suunto D6i with portal Movescount.com, where you can store information about diving, photos and videos and share them with others. After completing the dive, you can transfer the data to your PC for further analysis in an additional program Suunto DM4, allowing to keep a detailed log of all your dives.



Benefits of using Suunto D6i dive computer

  • you will become an owner of one of the most stylish and the best dive computers in our market these days;
  • you will get wireless air-integrated dive computer for reasonable price;
  • you will have a dive computer, wrist watch, and digital compass in one package;
  • you will be able to dive in variety of scenarios - every mode is covered perfectly with the number of unique functions;
  • recommended dive computer for people serious about diving;
  • you will definitely get tired of all those compliments from other people around about Suunto D6i on your wrist!








User Interface
4 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, GAUGE, FREEdive
Standalone Digital Watch
Integrated Digital Compass
Suunto RGBM
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 99%
0.5 - 1.6 bar
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
A0/A1/A2 - 0-3000 m
Dive Planner
9-45 m
Logbook Capacity
80 dive hrs with 20 sec sampling rate
Max Operational Depth
100 meters
Backlight duration
ON/OFF/5/10/20/30/60 sec
Sampling Rate
Scuba - 10/20/30/60 sec; FREEdive - 1/2/5 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Data Retention
PC Interface
2 years










Suunto D6i has 4 control buttons - SELECT, MODE, UP, DOWN. Its intuitive user interface makes easy to operate this dive computer and navigate through set of menus, as everything is structured logically whithout any downsides!

Menu system consists of 4 main operating modes: TIME, DIVE, PLAN, MEMORY. COMPASS function is a submode, which can be called up from TIME and DIVE modes. As in all Suunto dive computers D-series, accessing, programming, and retrieving data can be made by doing short/long pressing on the control buttons.

Dive computer has two bar graphs:

  • tank pressure bar graph - located on the left side of the display layout and represents obviously how much air we have in our tank (it is shown only with wireless transmitter correctly paired to D6i);
  • ascent rate bar graph - located on the right side of the display layout and represents our ascent speed


During operations, you may see main display with basic data plus alternative information by pressing UP/DOWN buttons. Display has contrast setting, so we may adjust it for the best viewing in different light conditions. Display layout is perfectly structured, so all interpretation is very intuitive and all digits are seen sharp-n-clear at any angle and at any light conditions.

Suunto D6i is accompanied with perfect user manual, so you will enjoy learning this exceptional quality instrument!







During pre-diving stage we set various parameters to satisfy our diving plans. If we get wireless transmitter - we want to pair it. And this operation runs seamlessly, as everything else in Suunto D6i.

First of all you need to enable wireless in dive computer's settings and connect transmitter to the reg. Then slowly open tank valve and bring dive computer closer to the transmitter to pick up the code. When D6i gets the code, it starts displaying tank pressure and transmitter symbol.
If you are about to dive with guys who have the same dive computers with wireless - make sure that you all have different codes for wireless, or else it can be messy!


Suunto D6i Settings Card

Copy this Suunto D6i Settings Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


I may say that Compass calibration goes easier than in Oceanic models in some reason.

At this stage I could plan consecutive no-decompression dives with Dive Planner that calculates allowable depths and bottom time, according to nitrogen and oxygen intake from previous dives and all dive history for the past 4 days. If set for Nitrox - planning counting FO2 and PO2 level as well.







After desired dive mode activation dive computer does all pre-checks, like battery condition, Nitrox settings (if Nitrox set), and personal settings. When I saw everything was fine - I was ready to test Suunto D6i underwater.


Suunto D6i: Diving With Air & Nitrox

Dive computer gave me very clear data on a basic screen configuration, including No-Deco Time, Air Time, tank pressure, current depth, ascent rate - not many numbers, but the most important to us. Alternative info may be called by pressing UP/DOWN buttons and include temperature, time, max depth, Elapsed Dive Time (EDT). If I set Suunto D6i for Nitrox - I could get additional data, regarding to enriched air mix.


Suunto D6i NO-DECO Diving Card

Copy this Suunto D6i NO-DECO Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


During my No-Deco dive I got Safety Stops remainder with Recommended and Mandatory stops and appropriate display indication. Stop ceiling, stop times, and all applicable icons were displayed to manage those situations. I could miss Recommended Safety Stop without any penalty, but I had to complete Mandatory Safety Stop in the case of my faster ascent. If I ignore this one - dive computer could shorten my bottom time or extend my surface interval.


I love wireless air integration because I can see real bottom time calculated, and wireless makes one hose missing from my dive gear! In Suunto D6i dive computer it worked very stable, no any complaints!


I could easy create a Bookmark while diving by pressing SELECT button, for example, when I notice huge blue crab - I made a bookmark and after the dive I told my mates that I saw that creature at certain depth and with certain temperature! And by connecting D6i to PC I could download my profiles with all bookmarks to show them up to my friends.

I could activate Integrated digital compass by longer pressing SELECT button (more than 2 seconds). This thing is easy to interpret and works fine after proper calibration.


When I set Suunto D6i for Nitrox, dive computer offered me the few functions to accomodate this type of diving:

  • setting 2 Nitrox mixes each with FO2 21%-99%;
  • setting  PO2 for each mix at a range of 0.5 – 1.6 bar


During diving with Nitrox I got displays with similar dive data to what I've got with Air, plus Suunto D6i will display following values that are specific for Nitrox dive that can be viewed on alternative screens by pressing UP/DOWN buttons:

  • FO2 set point;
  • PO2 current value;
  • OLF% – oxygen limit fraction (oxygen toxicity level)


Swapping gas mixes during a dive is a very easy procedure – after alarm beeped on me at certain moment and FO2 value started flashing,  by pressing UP or DOWN buttons I selected secondary gas mix and pressed SELECT button. From this moment dive computer sets selected Nitrox mix and starts all calculations according to the settings of secondary gas mix.

If PO2 limit of the selected gas mix was exceeded – D6i wouldn’t allow you to change to that gas mix. It will be shown, but you couldn’t pick it up for selection. Another thing to remember - if during 15 sec you don't change to recommended gas mix - dive computer will revert to dive display without swapping to secondary mix. It will repeat attempt changing mixes when you start ascending and appropriate conditions arise.


If I exceed No-Decompression Limits (NDLs) – Suunto dive computer activates Decompression mode. All data that I would get after that is related to deco mode. I didn't test Deco mode with Suunto D6i, so we will take everything related to decompression mode from Suunto's words. But, you may be very sure, that this diving watch computer manages Deco Stops perfectly, as all other Suunto dive computers.

During decompression, diver will be prompted to complete one or few decompression stops at a range of depths, as this instrument has Continuous Decompression feature that allows us to perform decompression within the certain range of depths, so called Decompression range. It starts from the ‘floor’ (deepest depth where deco stop time won’t increase) to the ‘ceiling’ (shallowest depth) and decompression is done between them.

The most important dive data during decompression displayed as follows:

  • guiding arrows (for your correct ceiling depth);
  • Ascent Time in minutes (total time to surface, including time to reach the correct ceiling, time to stop at the ceiling, Mandatory Safety Stop (if any), time to surface after ceiling);
  • Ceiling depth


When Total Ascent Time counts down and the Ceiling depth goes up - diver should ascend to new ceiling. All DECO process is considered to be finished completely not only when CEILING and ASCENT TIME tags are gone, but also when STOP icon disappears as well. It means that DECO Stop, Mandatory Safety Stop and Recommended Safety Stop completed and you are clear to resurface.

If diver ascended above the ceiling, D6i would give an audio alarm with downward arrow, his/her current depth and ceiling depth values, and Error mark. At this moment diver has only 3 minutes to correct position to ceiling depth displayed or a bit below.

If user violates the decompression – Suunto dive computer will activate Error Mode and will work as a depth gauge and timer only. Diver must not dive for at least 48 hours then!


Suunto D6i: Diving In GAUGE Mode

When you set Suunto D6i dive computer as a Gauge, it will work as a depth gauge and timer only and won’t perform any calculations for nitrogen or oxygen absorption.

In Gauge Mode it will display following dive data:

  • current depth;
  • max depth reached during a dive;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • Dive Timer – SET/RESET


It is possible to make a bookmark the same way as we did while diving with Air/Nitrox - by pressing SELECT button shortly.


Suunto D6i: FREEdiving

Suunto D6i can be set for freediving. Freediving time is limited by 10 mins and after that dive computer switches to bottom timer. In this dive mode computer displays dive time, current and max depths. Also we may start Timer in any dive mode including this one.

FREEdiving mode has two specific alarms:

  1. depth notify alarm;
  2. surface interval notify alarm


After diving in FREEdive/GAUGE mode there will be NO-FLY time counting down from 48 hours.


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After diving operations are similar to other Suunto dive computers D-series. Suunto D6i turns SURFACE mode and display after sensing depth of 0.5 meters. If during first 5 minutes after resurfacing you submerge, Suunto D6i dive computer will count this dive as a continuation of the previous dive.

SURFACE display shows:

  • max and current depths;
  • dive time;
  • surface interval time;
  • NO-FLY symbol;
  • diver attention symbol (if any conditions exist);
  • PO2 value (if set for Nitrox);
  • FO2 set point (if set for Nitrox);
  • OLF% (if set for Nitrox)


At this stage we may access following modes:

  1. PLAN NoDEC - dive planner for range 9-45 meters. Using Dive Planner I could check out available depths and bottom times, according to nitrogen and oxygen intake from previous dives and all dive history for the past 4 days, and if set for Nitrox - planning counting FO2 and PO2 level as well;
  2. MEM History holds maximum 999 dives and 999 diving hours for SCUBA mode, and 999 dives and 99 hours 59 min for FREEdive mode;
  3. MEM Logbook can hold about 80 dive hours with 20 sec sampling rate, and consists of 3 pages with detailed information and graphics of diving profile;
  4. PC interface - using DM4 (dive manager) software it is possible to download and organize all dive data from Suunto D6i to PC, using Suunto Dive Planner user may plan dives, print copies of the dive profiles, share them with mates on movescount.com







Suunto D4i: What Divers Say


  • reliability and high quality dive computer;
  • regarless to its high-tech, it is simple to use and intuitive to read data;
  • compass - handy addition;
  • excellent wrist watch;
  • easy to navigate through the menus;
  • highly recommended dive computer for recreational divers;
  • steady wireless



  • no user replaceable battery


All weekend diving I did with D6i passed too quickly and I've already started missing this dive computer. It really gave my great pleasure to deal with. Suunto produced another chef-d'oeuvre (sorry for my French! it stands for masterpiece, of course!). Suunto D6i proved to be very reliable and thorough dive computer with seamless operations whether I was diving with Air or using double mix set, including Nitrox and swapping mixes was an easy procedure.

I can't complain on wireless air integration - signal always was steady. Even if I lost it occasionally for 1-2 seconds it got picked right away and I wouldn't worry about that, all wireless air-integrated dive computers do this.


User interface is intuitive, so I was pretty organized underwater or on surface. Buttons were easy to press and felt solid. Display was easy to read out, thanks to its logical structure, contrast and backlight adjustments.
Compass could be accessed on surface and underwater any time and I found it handy thing, and on top of all that - Suunto D6i has all functions to wear it as a standalone digital wrist watch.

As for me, one inconvenience in Suunto D6i is impossibility to replace battery by myself, but the its owner said to me that it wasn't a big problem - just replace battery at dealer's regularly once in 1.5-2 years, and it would be safe to dive with.


Suunto D6i dive computerSuunto D6i
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star golden star


My mate, who owns this instrument, told me about all those compliments from even unknown people walking on the street, and how his ears got pleased - and that completely disregarded all money he paid for whole pack - Suunto D6i dive computer, plus transmitter and PC interface cable!

If you are that person who has own style in everything and wants to wear stylish and classy diving watch computer that looks and works magnificently underwater and at the office - you definitely need putting an eye on Suunto D6i, as this dive computer completely fulfill all your expectations!



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Adrian, 12 November 2013 12:17
Great & Steady Air Integration

I'm a fan of Suunto, always been using its dive computers as long as I remember myself diving. My recent buy was Suunto D6i. It is outstanding device that gives me pleasure diving and wearing on-shore.

And its air integration feature works perfectly, giving me additional indication of my air consumption and tank pressure, so I know exactly for how long I may stay underwater. It's quite expensive setup I have, plus paying for battery replacement. But whole package definitely costs all my money.

Ramon, 27 July 2013 02:52
Don't Risk Your Life

I got my Suunto D6i on May 31 and was very excited at first: I did 5 dives during 3 weeks and I was initially amazed by the compass, USB connectivity etc, but then it failed: MODE button was dead. Just not working.

Despite being new the seller (Dexclusive) DIDN'T offer me a replacement unit and told me to send it back at my expenses, then they sent it to Suunto for repair.

And still here I am, waiting for my "new" big bucks investment to be glued and repaired... Such an expensive dive compuer should NOT fail this way, so miserably, after just 3 weeks of normal usage, no it can not be this bad. No. What about a failure at 120 ft with mixed air? It could be catastrophic. YOU COULD DIE OR GET SEVERE INJURIES.

Just 3 weeks of usage, 5 dives and my "brand new D6i" failed: UNACCEPTABLE quality. And no, the watch was never dropped, no bumps, no hits at all. It just stopped working. And Suunto doesn't care if it is brand new: No replacement whatsoever. I will never buy anything Suunto again.


PS: My "new" D6i is still at Suunto's repair centre and I am very frustrated.

BJay, 26 May 2013 10:32
Suunto D6i - True Dive Computer For Recreational Diving

I've been diving with several models during my diving career, but Suunto D6i really made me fall in love with it (I'm not saying about Suunto D9 here - it's a different story!).

Imagine dive computer that has all possible functions that may satisfy all your needs, and computer that can foresee every your movement! Add to that user-friendly and comprehensive setup, integrated digital compass, stylish digital wrist watch and unbreakable wireless - that what means Suunto D6i dive computer!

I highly recommend Suunto D6i to every recreational diver, whether beginner or advanced!

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