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Sherwood Wisdom 3 Shows Us New Perspectives In Recreational Diving

Sherwood Wisdom 3 Shows Us New Perspectives In Recreational Diving

Sherwood Wisdom 3 is a hose air-integrated and fully-featured Nitrox dive computer that is dedicated to recreational diving. Beginners will enjoy simplicity and intuitiveness of its operations that allows to start diving in no time. and advanced recreational divers will get a highly customizable device to address different diving scenarios to the depths of 120 meters.

General Information
User Interface
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Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer came to our diving community as a logical continuation of the development of its predecessor - Wisdom 2. Wisdom 3 was designed as a device to address needs in recreational diving, and it is recommended dive computer for recreational divers and beginners who require hose air-integrated dive computer. Someone may want to use it as a backup - it will work perfectly for this purpose as well.

New instrument inherited majority of the features of Wisdom 2, but at the same time got at least 1 important function - possibility of enabling Deep Stop. Other noticable difference is slightly different coloured bar graphs. Display layout remains the same as previous model. Sherwood Wisdom 3 get accompanied with well-structured user documentation, so you won't have any troubles following it and learn this Sherwood scuba computer pretty quick even if you are complete beginner in scubadiving!

Following optional accessories are available for this computer, and you will definitely want to have them at your disposal:

  • lens protector;
  • compass - to build NAVCON;
  • quick disconnect (QD);
  • PC interface kit;
  • battery kit


Sherwood Wisdom 3 Features Card

Copy this Sherwood Wisdom 3 Key Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


  • you will get user-friendly dive computer that allows you start diving very quick;
  • you will have hose air-integrated instrument that allows you to see exactly how much air left in your tank - no guessing;
  • you will have instrument that has intuitive menus and very easy to set up;
  • you will be able to build a NAVCON and keep your underwater navigation easy and precisive;
  • you will have dive computer with large display area, so everything is seen sharp-n-clear;
  • you will be able to replace battery in Sherwood Wisdom 3 by yourself and keep settings and calculations safe with data retention function








User Interface
2 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge
Integrated Digital Compass
modified Haldanean
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 50%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Dive Planner
9 - 57 meters
Logbook Capacity
50 most recent dives
Max Operational Depth
120 meters
Backlight duration
10 sec
Sampling Rate
15/30/60 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Data Retention
PC Interface
2 years










Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer has two control buttons - SELECT (side) and ADVANCE (front). Using them and their combos you will easy access required info, no matter whether you are diving or at surface.

To help the diver in assessing conditions in visual way, it has 3 Bar Graphs:

  1. Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph shows your No-Deco or Deco status (it's located on the left side of the display);
  2. Oxygen Loading Bar Graph (O2BG) represents oxygen toxicity from current dive or accumulated for 24 last hours (it's located on the right middle-top part of the display);
  3. Variable Ascent Rate Bar Graph (VARI) (located on the bottom part of the right side of the screen) - displays how fast you ascend and if you exceed allowable rate - Sherwood Wisdom 3 will give you visual and audio alarms


Main display has few alternative screens to display many additional information and you will be able access them by pressing Select button.







Before diving, we may simulate or plan the next dive, and set Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer for desirable parameters.
All parameters divided into 4 Set Groups:

  1. Set 1 Group (MODES):
    • operating mode - Air, Nitrox, GAUGE;
    • FO2 - Air, 21-50%;
    • FO2 Default - ON/OFF;
    • PO2 alarm value - 1.2-1.6 ATA
  2. Set 2 Group (ALARMS):
    • alarms - ON/OFF;
    • Ascent alarm - ON/OFF;
    • Depth alarm - ON/OFF/9-99 meters;
    • Turn Pressure alarm - ON/OFF/69-209 bar;
    • End Pressure alarm - ON/OFF/20-104 bar;
    • Reserve Time alarm - ON/OFF/1-30 min;
    • DECO alarm - ON/OFF;
    • PO2 alarm - ON/OFF
  3. Set 3 Group (UTILITIES):
    • wet activation - ON/OFF;
    • units;
    • sample rate - 15/30/60 sec;
    • Deep Stop - ON/OFF
  4. Set Group 4 (Date/Time):
    • hour & hour format;
    • month & year;
    • day

Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer has Dive Planner with range 9-57 meters and Dive Simulator that allows the user test and learn dive computer behavior without actually getting wet. It is very handy addition to this instrument and very useful for diver who is new to this device.

I loved dive computer's interface and menu set, as it is very intuitive and easy to follow, so I didn't have any troubles setting and using Sherwood Wisdom 3.







Sherwood Wisdom 3: Diving With Air & Nitrox

I had Sherwood Wisdom 3 for weekend only, so I was able to make only 5 dives with it and without using it in GAUGE mode (I didn't want it to lock GAUGE for 24 hours!). And my review of this dive computer is based on this short period of possessing it. This instrument has large display - that's what I like! Could see even the smallest digits without any problems!

As other Sherwood dive computers, this one is very intuitive and easy to use. If you set dive computer for Nitrox diving - it will display additional information on 2nd alternative screen about current PO2 level and FO2 set point.


Sherwood Wisdom 3 NO-DECO Card

Copy this Sherwood Wisdom 3 No-Decompression Displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


As I went down below 10 meters, so upon ascending, Sherwood Wisdom 3 gave me Safety Stop (SS) prompt with all appropriate dive data displayed, with the most important in this case - Stop Depth and Countdown Timer. Safety Stop is an automatic reminder in contrast to Deep Stop (DS) function, which I could turn ON/OFF. Deep Stop gets activated if I reach depths more than 24 meters and recommended Stop Depth is calculated in 1/2 of max depth.
Deep Stop feature came with updated versions of Wisdom 2 and became as a standard function in Wisdom 3. Initial Sherwood 2 dive computers didn't have this function.

Ascent rate indicator is located on the lower sector of the right side of the display, so I had full representation of my ascent speed - visual and audio alarm.


Other two important parameters that Sherwood Wisdom 3 monitors are PO2 and O2 conditions. If I get into the situation where PO2 and O2 will be higher than allowed - dive computer will alarm me by all available means and every alarm display has main and alternative screens with vital data displayed.

Alarms regarding air consumption are Turn Pressure and End Pressure alarms, where the first one is the pressure set point at which you stop swimming away from the entry point and begin your return back to this entry point, and the latter is used to program my cylinder ending pressure.

All dive data was displayed very clearly, and it was very easy to read display. Audio alarms were loud, and buttons were easy to press (with reasonable touch).


If I exceed No-Decompression Limits (NDLs), Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer will switch to Decompression mode and all calculations from this moment will start for that mode only.
After having that, I must ascend safely to the required depth, shown on the display, or a bit deeper, and stay at that depth required time that is shown as well. That's a standard DECO procedure, but I didn't get close to it. So all decompression data on DECO main and alternative displays was taken from Sherwood page:

  • scrolling graphics DECO-STOP;
  • DECO Stop and Time;
  • Total Ascent Time (TAT);
  • cylinder pressure;
  • current depth;
  • max depth;
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR);
  • current PO2;
  • FO2 set point;
  • applicable icons and bar graphs


Also I could create out of my curiosity violations during Decompression Mode, like Conditional violation or Delayed violations, which means that I ascended shallower than required DECO Stop Depth and stayed at that level for some time, or Decompression Stop depth must be performed within depth of 18 - 21 meters, or if I descended deeper than maximum operational depth - 100 meters in Air/Nitrox and 120 meters in GAUGE. Of course I didn't do any of those things, so let's take everything related to DECO violations from Sherwood as they said.


Sherwood Wisdom 3: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Another dive mode of Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer is GAUGE. In this mode instrument doesn't calculate diver's No-Decompression Limits and works as a depth gauge and timer only. It is possible diving in GAUGE using technical gas mixes, but all NDL calculations are your own responsibility! After diving in GAUGE, dive computer locks for 24 hours and only after this time elapsed it starts working as a full-featured scuba computer.

Below is a summary from main and alternative displays while diving in GAUGE mode:

  • max depth;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • current depth;
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR);
  • cylinder pressure;
  • temperature;
  • time;
  • applicable icons and VARI (if ascending)


From my experience I may tell that we got another perfect example of the dive computer dedicated to recreational diving with great functionality, well-structured user docs and intuitive interface. I didn't have any troubles when diving - just enjoying underwater and following Sherwood Wisdom 3 prompts.

Back to Top







After the transition period of 10 min after resurfacing I could access Last dive display, Logbook and History screens, check out Desaturation and No-Fly times, or plan my next dive by using Dive Planner and use Dive Simulator.

Below is the list of functions that are available on surface:

  1. Dive Simulator - great help to familiarize yourself with Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer - after setting initial data, I was able to make a "virtual" dive and see what dive data can be dispayed during a real dive;
  2. Dive Planner - in this mode you will get No-Decompression dive times and depths, according to residual nitrogen or oxygen from previous dives;
  3. Desaturation and No-Fly Countdown Timers;
  4. LogBook - contains 3 pages of dive data and information of the 50 most recent dives;
  5. PC data download - with optional PC data cable we may download dive data to PC for further viewing, organizing and printing the dive profiles


I didn't have PC interface cable, so I wouldn't comment on this, but I was told by the owner of Sherwood Wisdom 3, that PC download/upload function works well, so let's take it from his words!







Sherwood Wisdom 3: What Divers Say


  • easy to learn and use recreational dive computer;
  • hose air integration steady all the time - no losing wireless;
  • user-friendly manual and interface;
  • easy to read large display;
  • handy NAVCON;
  • recommended dive computer for recreational diving



  • no Dual Algorithm function - Sherwood Wisdom 3 losing its position in comparison to latest dive computers from Aeris and Oceanic;
  • only 1 Nitrox mix with FO2 50% maximum (in latest models of Aeris and Oceanic FO2 can be set up to 100%);
  • high price for dive computer or navigational console


I have been using Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer just for couple of days, so I couldn't assess each and every function of this instrument. But from my experience - Wisdom 3 is great hose air-integrated dive computer and divers who don't mind having extra hose on their gear would definitely appreciate all features of it.

I liked large display with all digits shown nice-n-clear and strong backlight - can be perfect for night dives. Audio was quite loud to grab my attention, so I didn't miss anything important.


Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer
Sherwood Wisdom 3
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star half star


I can recommend Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer to any beginner and recreational diver who prefers hose air-integrated instrument with easy and friendly setup without getting to much into the technical staff! And especially white model of Wisdom 3 looks great, like a flashy toy!



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Dana, 1 August 2013 19:11
My First Dive Computer

I've got Sherwood Wisdom 3 White with compass for my AOWD. After only using tables and wheel for multilevel diving I felt the great difference, that's for sure!

This dive computer is very elegant and is perfectly suited for lady! Learning user manual and dive computer took me couple of days before diving. And it wouldn't be too difficult, considering that it is my first dive computer. 2 buttons user interface is easy to operate, large display is intuitive and easy to read. I just logged 25 dives on Sherwood Wisdom 3 without any issue. So, I think we will be diving happily for many years to come!

Peter, 13 April 2013 14:33
Sherwood Wisdom 3 Dive Computer - Large Display, Easy Setup

I did with Sherwood Wisdom 3 few test dives and was very pleased with performance of this dive computer for recreational and sport diving.

I set up it very quick, thanks to its good user documentation and friendly menu. Underwater it performs well and it did its job perfectly, as I expected from hose air-integrated dive computer with 1 Nitrox mix.

I liked its large and easy to read screen with plenty of data displayed.

I recommend it to any beginner and recreational diver who wants to have hose air-integrated dive computer.

Only one negative here - higher price in comparison to similar models, especially if you buy white unit!

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