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Sherwood Insight - Our Insightful Buddy In Any Diving Situation

Sherwood Insight - Our Insightful Buddy In Any Diving Situation

Sherwood Insight is an easy to learn and operate instrument. 2 control buttons, 3 dive modes, intuitive programming and user interface. Perfectly suitable and recommended dive computer for the beginners and recreational divers.

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Sherwood Insight is not an air-integrated dive computer. We may wear it as a wrist unit or build a nice console with submersible pressure gauge (SPG) and compass. This computer is fully Nitrox capable and well suitable for beginners, who want to get easy to learn and operate instrument, and divers with Nitrox certification, who need a dive computer that support only 1 Nitrox gas mix.

Sherwood Insight is a standard Nitrox dive computer with all necessary features to support our diving with Air, Nitrox (1 mix), and in Gauge mode.
It has well-structured and easy to understand manuals, user friendly interface and there are no any strange button combos that may give us a pain when learning and diving with it!

Good size display, sharp digits, strong backlight, and loud enough alarms when Insight beeps on you. Also buttons are easy to press, user replaceable battery and full set of alarms - that is all Insight in brief! Below we have listing of key functions and alarms to get you familiar.


Sherwood Insight Features Card

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Benefits of using Sherwood Insight dive computer

  • you will get basic Nitrox-capable dive computer that covers all aspects of recreational diving, including diving in Gauge mode with tech-gas mixes;
  • you will have instrument with user-friendly interface and easy setup menu - so you will become used to it very fast;
  • you will be able to build console by adding SPG to stay aware of your air consumption or wear it on your wrist;
  • you will be able to replace battery yourself and keep settings safe thanks to data retention feature








User Interface
2 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge
Integrated Digital Compass
modified Haldanean
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 50%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
9 - 57 meters
Logbook Capacity
50 most recent dives
Max Operational Depth
120 meters
Backlight duration
10 sec
Sampling Rate
15/30/60 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Data Retention
PC Interface
2 years










Sherwood Insight has 2 control buttons - Advance and Select. And for visual representation of Nitrogen/Oxygen loading and speed of ascent, it has 3 bar graphs.

One of them is shared between Nitrogen and Oxygen intake and located on the left side of display, another one - is for visual control of ascent. Ascent rate bar graph is located on the right side. All display layouts are very intuitive, even if it is your first dive computer!


 Sherwood Insight dive computer
Sherwood Insight NAVCON dive computer


During setting up and diving we will see several displays - main and alternatives, while diving; and informational displays when doing set up and viewing various data on surface.

User's manual of Sherwood Insight dive computer is quite intuitive and easy to understand and follow. I recon, you won't have any troubles interpreting it and customize and retrieve data from this instrument.







Sherwood Insight dive computer has 4 categories where we may input desirable settings: Modes/Basics, Alarms, Utilities, and Time.


Sherwood Insight Fine-Tuning Card

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Sherwood Insight has Dive planner for No-Decompression dives. This function allows us to view depth and bottom times for the depths from 9 to 57 meters. If calculations are based on Nitrogen loading - N2 bar graph is displayed, if calculations are controlled by Oxygen intake - O2BG is displayed with appropriate number of segments.

To get familiar with all dive displays - Insight has in-built Dive Simulator. Thanks to this function we may simulate new and repetitive dives according to real settings of Sherwood Insight and control descent and ascent by pressing Select and Advance buttons.
You will observe the display like in real dive - max depth, Elapsed Dive Time, current depth, bar graphs, etc. It is very useful function to learn dive computer's feedback without getting wet!







We set wet activation to On and when Sherwood Insight dive computer senses water - it turns selected Dive mode and starts calculating Elapsed Dive Time, depth, No-Decompression Time, etc.


Sherwood Insight: Diving With Air & Nitrox

Sherwood Insight has Main screen and 2 alternative displays for No-Decompression mode. You will get access to 2nd alternative display if you set Nitrox before. Also Safety Stop and Deep Stop (if enabled in settings) displays are available upon reaching certain conditions.


Sherwood Insight NO-DECO Card

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Two other important safety alarms - High PO2 and High O2. Sherwood dive computer will give you High PO2 alarm if PO2 reaches the Alarm Set Point. In this case you need to ascend safely to bring PO2 down.

High PO2 Main display shows following information:

  • UP-HIGH-PO2 - text scrolling;
  • PO2 flashing value;
  • UP Arrow flashing;
  • No-Deco Time (NDC) remaining;
  • current depth;
  • N2BG and ASC if ascending;
  • applicable icons


O2 level is monitored continuously and if O2 level increases to 80% of maximum allowed during 24 hours - Sherwood dive computer switches cautionary mode and if O2 level continues to rise up to 100% - Sherwood Insight gives High O2 alarm and O2BG flashes instead of N2BG. Sample of dive data displayed is below:

  • UP-HIGH-O2 - text scrolling;
  • UP Arrow flashing;
  • current depth;
  • O2 Time remaining as "zero";
  • O2BG with flashing segments;
  • ASC bar graph during ascent;
  • all other appropriate icons


In the case of exceeding No-Decompression time and depth limits while diving, Sherwood Insight dive computer will activate Decompression Mode – audio alarm will come up and 5 segments on N2BG and UP Arrow icon will flash.


Sherwood Insight DECO Card

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It could happen that you may have violations during Decompression Mode, like Conditional violation and Delayed violations. Conditional violation means that you ascended shallower than required Stop Depth and stayed at that level for some time. It is very desirable that you fix your depth in less than 5 minutes to continue normal off-gassing without any penalty time!

To guide you through this situation Sherwood Insight has specific display with information listed below:

  • current depth;
  • Total Ascent Time (TAT);
  • N2BG;
  • Stop Depth and Time;
  • Down Arrow;
  • applicable icons


This dive computer, like all others has 3 types of Delayed Violations with all necessary dive data to manage safely those conditions. We won't describe them here - you will easy find detailed explanations of them inside manual.


Sherwood Insight: Diving In GAUGE Mode

3rd dive mode of Sherwood Insight is a Gauge mode. In this scenario dive computer works as a depth gauge and timer only, it doesn't perform any nitrogen and oxygen loading calculations. 2 screens are available - Gauge Dive Main and alternative displays. And below is a summary of what you will get during diving in Gauge mode:

  • max depth;
  • current depth;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • ASC bar graph if ascending;
  • temperature;
  • time;
  • all applicable graphics


Sherwood dive computer locks for 24 hours if we dive in Gauge mode, so we need to wait 24 hours before we may select different dive mode - Air or Nitrox.

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After getting familiar with dive computer underwater operations, it is time to have a look at our dive logs, history, no-fly and desaturation times, connect to PC and download dive profiles. And Sherwood Insight has everything to satisfy these needs.

It has several so called Surface screens:

  • Time/Wet;
  • FLY/SAT;
  • DATA;
  • PLAN;
  • LAST (previous dive's data);
  • LOG;
  • History;
  • Simulator;
  • Set modes


FLY/SAT screen is displayed during 2 - 24 hours after the dive and to call out other screens we need to press "A" button and it shows no-fly time and desaturation time.

On DATA screen you will get information about your previous dive, according to the dive mode, whether it was Air, Nitrox, or Gauge.

PLAN screen - that's where we will plan our next dive. By pressing "S" button we increase depth. Dive Planner operares for depth from 9 to 57 meters and shows No-Decompression times for corresponding depths.

LOG and History modes - of course for viewing accumulated logs and dive history. Sherwood Insight can store up to 100 dive hours with 60 seconds sample recording rate and up to 999 total dives and 2999 dive hours in History mode. All logs and history remains safe when battery is removed.

For displaying dive logs computer has 3 screens - main and two alternatives with all dive data that you may download to PC with special PC interface cable and software installed.

Another mode that we found where handy is Dive Simulator. This is a good possibility to learn Sherwood Insight before actually diving with it. After you set dive computer - access Simulator and Insight will calculate your dive according to the settings you entered. Simulator is a great help when you just started reading manuals and playing with this dive instrument.

Dive computer has Reset function to clear calculations for repetitive dives. This was made to help instructors and dive clubs to give this Sherwood dive computer for rent. It is worth to mention that if you made a reset - you should not dive for the next 24 hours or even for longer!

Using PC screen you may download your dive profiles to PC or upload settings to Sherwood Insight. This function does its job, but software looks outdated.







Sherwood Insight: What Divers Say


  • perfect for recreational diving and can be recommended dive computer for the beginners;
  • easy to operate;
  • intuitive to read and understand data;
  • good value for money



  • outdated software


We tested Sherwood Insight with a submersible pressure gauge and as from our experience - this dive computer has everything that may need recreational diver and it is all for competitive price! We didn't notice any issues to learn manual - it is logically structured and easy to understand.

During diving all operations worked smoothly, display was easy to read - even beginner would understand it without problems. Buttons are quite small, but it wasn't hard to press them at all. All alarms and warning displays were clearly understood and downloading logs to PC worked well.

Sherwood Insight dive computer
Sherwood Insight SPG Console
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star half star


Sherwood Insight is a user-friendly dive computer that may be a great help for those divers who dive recreational, need straightforward dive instrument and don't think to progress to technical diving. Beginners will find very good entry level computer that will help them to start diving career without too big investment and too much hassle learning it!



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Patrick, 15 May 2013 12:39
Sherwood Insight - Friendly For Nitrox Diving

I've been using this dive computer for about 5 years. It is basic, but certainly does the job. Great console with SPG. It is easy to set, use, and read. Intuitive user interface with 2 buttons. As usual, I dive with Nitrox.

I would recommend Sherwood Insight as a great overall entry level dive computer for Nitrox diving.

Jack, 23 February 2013 05:32
Simple-N-Easy For All Our Diving Needs

I bought Sherwood Insight dive computers for me and my missis three years ago. They do everything we need for diving in warm waters and nothing more.

Dive computer has easy to use with intuitive 2-buttons menu system. Its display is easy to read and it has user replaceable battery and can be moved to a console if required.

Absolutely best value for our needs and we recommend this dive computer to every recreational diver!

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