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Oceanic BUD - Backup Flows With Ease!

Oceanic BUD - Backup Flows With Ease!

Oceanic BUD - backup dive computer with Dual Algorithm, single Nitrox mix, easiest user interface. If you need a backup device - it may be a good solution! With Dual Algorithm it covers pretty well all dive computers made by Oceanic, Aeris and Tusa as well.

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Oceanic BUD became a long awaited backup dive computer for anyone, who is concerned about having such a device. As long as I may remember there was always the need to have such an instrument to bring us more comfort in diving. This Oceanic dive computer is a must as a backup for divers who have Oceanic, Aeris and Tusa brands, because BUD is powered by Dual Algorithm and these brands use similar dive computer algorithms.

Saying that, it is worth to mention that BUD can be used as a main dive computer as well with its support of 1 Nitrox mix.


Oceanic BUD Features Card

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Oceanic BUD is made as a "puck" - style dive computer. It has all basic features that successful backup instrument may need! And the best of them - Dual Algorithm: Pelagic Z+ and DSAT. It will cover wide variety of diving conditions and still always be reliable backup to our main dive computer.



Benefits of using Oceanic BUD dive computer

  • you will have very easy setup dive computer and with great functionality;
  • you may use it as a backup device for Aeris, Oceanic and Tusa brands, or use it as a main instrument for recreational diving with 1 Nitrox mix;
  • you will be able to change battery yourself with "hot swap";
  • set Oceanic BUD for liberal or conservative diving - Dual Algorithm covers them all








User Interface
1 button
Dive Modes
Air & Nitrox
Dual: Pelagic DSAT & Z+
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 50%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Dive Planner
9 - 57 meters
Logbook Capacity
12 most recent dives
Max Operational Depth
100 meters
Sampling Rate
factory pre-set
User Replaceable Battery
Battery 'hot swap'
PC Interface
2 years










Oceanic BUD has 1 control button for setting up and retrieving data. It is located on side and is quite big and easy to press.

User interface and all menu's structure is pretty simple - it doesn't have convenient "Step Back" function, of course, like any other dive computer with one control button.

Oceanic BUD dive computer
Oceanic BUD dive computer display


To display information, BUD has main and alternative screens and to emphasize even more nitrogen loading and ascent speed, it has 2 bar graphs - TLBG and VARI.

TLBG consists of 5 bars to address 3 level of nitrogen loading:

  • No-Deco Normal zone - 1-3 bars;
  • No-Deco Caution zone - 4th bar;
  • Deco zone - all 5 bars


VARI has as well 5 bars with 4th - Caution zone and 5th - Too Fast alarm.







It is very easy to set up Oceanic BUD there are not many parameters. And all of them are accessible from Surface Main display. Altitude is adjusted automatically, so we don't need to worry about it!


Oceanic BUD Settings Card

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After activation (manual or automatic) Oceanic BUD is ready to give us everything it has!


Oceanic BUD: Diving With Air & Nitrox


Oceanic BUD NO-DECO Card

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I had Safety Stop (SS) reminder as my dive was deeper than 9 meters. As SS is not mandatory we could miss it without penalty, but I completed it - wanted to be a good boy! Below is an example of how SS display looks like:

  1. SS timer;
  2. SS depth;
  3. current depth;
  4. all other applicable icons


Upon entering Decompression mode, Oceanic BUD flashes full TLBG bar and Stop Depth number if we are 3 meters below the required Deco depth. I ascended and in the range of Deco stop depth - Stop Depth number stopped flashing.


Oceanic BUD DECO Card

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During Decompression we may create violations and this Oceanic dive computer is constantly monitoring accuracy of decompression process. Like other dive computers, this one can manage following violations:

  1. Conditional Violation (CV);
  2. Delayed Violation 1/2/3 (DV1/DV2/DV3);
  3. Violation Gauge Mode (VGM)


For each of those conditions Oceanic BUD has specific displays to help us of getting through.

This Oceanic dive computer, like all other, continually monitoring our level of O2 and PO2. In certain conditions it may give us High PO2 warning or alarm, and High O2 warning or alarm.

During diving I didn't notice any inconveniences with Oceanic BUD - just good dive computer for a backup, as it is intended to be!. But at the same time it may work as a main computer as well.







Finally I was on surface and might see data of my last dive. After 10 minutes of transition period I might access No-Fly Time and Desaturation timers, and Dive planner that gives me possibility to plan next dives at the depth range 9 - 57 meters.

Oceanic BUD doesn't have PC interface port, so it's a bit inconvenient if you want tracking and logging your dives on PC.







Oceanic BUD: What Divers Say


  • dual algorithm - very handy feature;
  • one of the easiest dive computers around;
  • intuitive display



  • no PC interface;
  • small memory capacity


I may assess my experience with BUD like very positive one. Having Oceanic Veo 3.0 as a main dive computer and Oceanic BUD as a backup I felt very confident - they were a good team I might rely on!

BUD has good size display and clearly seen digits. Button was easy to press, and measurements between Veo 3.0 and BUD were almost identical.

There maybe only one consern - Oceanic BUD can be recommended dive computer as a backup for instruments from Pelagic group, like Oceanic, Aeris, and probably Tusa. As these brands often use similar algorithms and firmware. But if we try to pair it with Suunto (UWATEC/ScubaPro I won't even mention here!), for example, I reckon there will be big differences in calculations!


Oceanic BUD dive computerOceanic BUD
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star
golden star


So, if you are owner of Oceanic or Aeris brands and need reliable backup dive computer - go for Oceanic BUD and be confident that you will still be diving even if your main dive computer fails!



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Ruben, 17 August 2013 10:14
Oceanic BUD - Good Enough As Main Dive Computer

I use Oceanic BUD for about 2 years as my main dive computer. Also I have SPG and compass in a console. As a recreational diver who dives only occasionally, I think it's enough for me. I don't really care about PC interface or internal logbook capacity!

Oceanic BUD has everything I need to dive and return to surface safely. So, I think this dive computer may not be positioned as a backup device only. For occasional recreational divers, like me it works perfectly as a main dive computer! And I definitely recommend it for people who dives only time to time!

Hoppy, 10 October 2012 11:30
Oceanic BUD, There When Needed

I got a BUD as a birthday present, and clipped it on my BC. Well, as fate would have it, I was quickly thankful for it. The very fist dive I was going to test it out on was a shallow "get wet" dive at Fort Pickens. Got all the gear down to the shore, parked the car a 1/4-mile away, and walked back.

As I was setting up my gear I went to pull my primary computer, a Suunto Mosquito, out of my dry box... not there! It was in my log book a 1/4-mile away in the car. No problem! The BUD was already on the shoulder of my BC! Saved me a walk back, and got a good testing.

One thing, do not mount at the shoulder if it is your primary. Too hard to read.

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