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Mares Nemo Excel - Excellent Dive Computer That Works & Looks Cool Above & Under Water

Mares Nemo Excel - Excellent Dive Computer That Works & Looks Cool Above & Under Water

Mares Nemo Excel combines functions of stylish digital watch and dive computer. Has 4 dive modes to broaden our diving adventures - easy handles diving with Air and Nitrox, and using it in Gauge and Freedive modes. I may say that this instrument excels as a dive computer!

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User Interface
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Mares Nemo Excel is one of the most sophisticated dive computers, made as a dive watch computer that was widely used in scubadiving community not long time ago. It suitable for beginners, advanced, and technical divers, thanks to wide variety of features.

Nemo Excel is not an air-integrated dive computer, so you wouldn’t find in it features, which are integral functions of air-integrated dive computers, like Tank pressure, Air Time Remaining (ATR), your Breathing ratio calculation etc.

This dive computer comes with 2 years warranty and has optional PC optical interface unit named Iris. You may buy this accessory for around USD100, and actually you should if you want to have more extensive storage of your diving activities placed in your PC.


Mares Nemo Excel Features Card

Copy this Mares Nemo Excel Key Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!



Benefits of using Mares Nemo Excel dive computer

  • you will get dive computer that has everything you need to have underwater;
  • you will get instrument that is easy to read and tells you everything at a glance;
  • you will be able to dive not only with scuba, but also enjoy freediving;
  • you may set up Personal Safety Factor that is good option for cautious divers;
  • you may use Mares Nemo Excel not only as dive computer, but as a standalone digital watch, and receive quite a few compliments from your mates!








User Interface
4 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge, FREEdive
Integrated Digital Compass
Mares–Wienke RGBM
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 50%
1.2 - 1.6 bar
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
P0/P1/P2/P3  (0 - 3700 meters)
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
12 - 48 meters
Logbook Capacity
36 dive hrs with 20 sec sampling rate
Max Operational Depth
150 meters
Backlight duration
4 sec
Sampling Rate
20 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Data Retention
PC Interface
2 years










Mares Nemo Excel has 4 pretty big control buttons and 1 bar graph to represent ascent rate.

As in every model from Mares, everything here is very intuitive and straightforward - you won't have any troubles either with buttons combos or interpreting the display meanings!

Digits on display are sharp clear, backlight is about 4-5 seconds and controlled by timer, but it is enough to see what's displayed.

When you are on surface or diving, surely you will get different displays that will assist you to stay well-informed in any situation.







Mares Nemo Excel can fully satisfy needs recreational and freedivers, but at the same time there are not many parameters to adjust.


Mares Nemo Excel Settings Card

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Mares Nemo Excel: Diving With Air & Nitrox


Mares Nemo Excel NO-DECO Card

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Instrument is designed with Safety Stop automatic prompt, and if max depth of the dive gets more than 10 meters - dive computer activates Safety Stop prompt upon you ascent with all vital information displayed for this situation.

To monitor your ascent, dive computer has special algorithm, and if you ascent too fast – it warns you by triggering an alarm with displayed message SLOW and Ascent Rate bar graph. This alarm keeps buzzing on you until you slow ascent below the maximum allowable limit.


Nemo Excel has Deep Stop function and upon reaching certain conditions of dive it will give us audio alarm with Deep Stop message on the display bar and Deep Stop depth and time. There may be more than one deep stop and it depends on dive profile.


If we exceed our No-Decompression Limits (NDLs) – dive computer will activate Decompression mode. All data that we will get after that is related to this mode.


Mares Nemo Excel DECO Card

Copy this Mares Nemo Excel Deco Diving Display Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


Nemo Excel monitors Oxygen Partial Pressure and if you exceed the limit, you programmed before, Excel will trigger an alarm, and this alarm will continue until you ascend enough to bring the PO2 back to the value you set in the program.

Along with feature mentioned right above, this dive computer monitors the level of Oxygen toxicity of your Central Nervous System (CNS). When this value will exceed 75% - alarm will be triggered. During a dive you will see %CNS value shown on the display.


Mares Nemo Excel: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Next dive mode of this computer is Gauge mode. In Gauge (Bottom Timer) mode Nemo Excel works as a depth gauge and timer and doesn’t perform computations for No-Decompression Limits and for Decompression stop times.

Typical layout of the display looks like example below:

  • current depth and maximum depth reached;
  • Elapsed Dive Time;
  • Ascent rate;
  • temperature;
  • time


Mares Nemo Excel: FREEdiving

Another dive mode is FREEdive. This mode has few specific parameters and their corresponding alarms. Below is a list of them:

  • Free alarms - ON/OFF - to proceed with other alarms settings we need to enable this one first;
  • Maximum dive time and alarm;
  • Maximum depth and alarm;
  • Surface time and alarm;
  • Depth intervals and alarms


During freedive Mares Nemo Excel shows following dive data:

  • current depth;
  • Elapsed Dive Time;
  • temperature;
  • applicable alarms icons (if enabled)







In post-diving stage Nemo Excel has following functions that we are interested in:

  1. Dive Plan Mode – in this mode you may scroll through the No-Decompression Limits at range 12 - 48 meters. You will see bottom times and maximum allowable depths, according to the current residual nitogen from your previous dives, altitude, set Personal Conservative Factor, and FO2 and PO2 (if set for Nitrox);
  2. PC interface mode - this function allows us to download dive data to PC via optical interface, named IRIS;
  3. Logbook – it has maximum capacity of approximately 36 dive hours for diving in air/nitrox/gauge modes with sampling rate 20 seconds, and about 2000 dives for diving in free dive mode, or profiles of the most recent freediving session of 102 minutes with 4 seconds of sampling rate.
    Logbook has very detailed memory for each of dive modes stored on-unit. But if you are interested to have even more extensive data storage – you need to buy IRIS optical interface and dedicated software to transfer your data to PC.
  4. Clear residual nitrogen memory


I think, one and only one main disadvantage of such a nice dive computer is that there is NO ‘diver replaceable battery’ option, but still some of our advanced guys may replace it themselves! And in that case Mares declines all warranty if something happens after you replaced battery incorrectly - this is an issue with all dive computer manufacturers.

If battery is replaced at the special service center, computer keeps the Log Book data, but, obviously, it clears residual nitrogen memory and stops RGBM computations for any previous dives you have done.







Mares Nemo Excel: What Divers Say


  • very easy to use;
  • it has everything you need to have underwater;
  • easy to read and tells you everything at a glance;
  • RGBM algorithm was not limiting in bottom time as compared to the Haldanean model;
  • great log book and planning functions allow easy tracking of past dives and planning future ones



  • quiet audible ascent alarm;
  • backlight is short, just 4 seconds;
  • no user replaceable battery


Mares Nemo Excel is a great benefit for beginners because of its easiness of set up and friendliness of use – if you are a beginner, Nemo Excel will advance together with you in your scuba diving career.

Documentation is perfectly structured and easy to follow. Dive computer designed without strange button combos – so you will be ready to get wet very quick!

Advanced and technical divers will find benefits of using this dive computer as a gauge and for free diving activities – all in one small and rugged package.

One main negative thing about it - NO user replaceable battery option. But we still can replace battery without sending Nemo Excel to accredited service provider, if we confident enough!

Mares Nemo Excel dive computerMares Nemo Excel
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star golden star


If you want to have user-friendly and intuitive dive computer that designed with all functions you will ever need in one robust package – go for this one, because you just can't beat the ruggedness and looks of the Nemo Excel!



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Leo, 15 February 2013 13:22
Great Dive Watch Computer But No User Replaceable Battery Option

I've been diving with Mares Nemo Excel for about 5 years already. It's been with me almost everywhere, except cold waters. I love its performance, easiness of setting up and diving with.

But the only thing that makes me nerve-racking is NO user replaceable option! As I live in a small town where we don't have any dive service shops. It means that every 1.5 years or less I need to pay for postage and battery replacement. Send it to dealer and tnen wait for couple of weeks at least until it comes back to me. I'm not a greedy person - I just don't understand why you made this dive computer without user battery replacement? And I completely agree with previous reviewer Dave Ide on this issue!

Dave Ide, 16 November 2012 06:20
Getting Screwed Due To Ripoff From Mares On Battery Replacement

My battery is as dead as hell and I can't get my battery replaced.. Tried a Mares dealer and he advised that he could not, since Mares no longer makes the kits for replacement available to dealers.. So in other words I was very disappointed(!) as I spent $400.00 for a dive computer that has only lasted me four years with very limited used...

Well, the moral to this story is I am a lot smarter that Mares gives us poor suckers credit for... I pulled the back off my computer and gently removed the O-ring and battery after removing the spaced from behind the retention clip that keeps the battery in place.. I used a small amout of silicone and cleaned the o ring and then reseated it prior to replacing the new battery.. I reset the spacer behind the battery retention clip.. I then cleaned the back cover and replaced the 4 small screws and tightened then gently but tight.. I used the computer on a two tank dive in the Bermuda and am happy to report that it remained water tight and performed wonderfully...


Mares take heed.. The next time I think about buying one of your products and see this type of dealer replacement stuff, you will see me going out the door never to return!

I own a Mares Icon BCD, dive computer and a set of Mares Volo fins.. I have been diving since 1977 and am a certified NASDS Scuba Instructor and Law Enforcement Dive Rescue Specialist and along with a PADI Dive Master.. I take excellent care of my equipment and still use some of my original Scubapro gear which I purchased in the 1970's...

Most of my gear I purchased thru Scubapro can still be serviced and I EXPECT AND DEMAND THE SAME FROM MARES! If not - I will throw it in the trash where it belongs and never look back at Mares products again! I will also spread the Word to other divers I have known over my 40 year dive career which will comprise of a large group of divers!


If you do not have the kits available to service the Mares Excel Dive Computers I suggest you start making them.. I expect to be able to have my computer serviced 40 years from now just like I do my Scubapro gear and with the durability my computer appears to posess, it will still be running hard and true in that time as long as I can do something so simple as replace the damn battery...

So in final note - you rip the diving community off for $400.00 for a dive computer that cannot be serviced due to your negligence and your future will be bleak to say the least!

JB, 16 February 2011 17:00
Mares Nemo Excel - My Experience

I chose Nemo Excel thanks to your test. It is excellent. Elegant, I wear it every day during my holidays.

In freedive, the total time in the water misses only. In mode AIR, good display, total time ascent and included landings.

Less binding than the algorithm Suunto.

Discreet alarm, but it is rather restful (it allows to curse the beep beep of the others ...).

Too small bracelet.

I preferred it to Suunto Vyper during a dive: I found it finally clearer! I enjoy it. I remember myself of a dive In à pass with the current in New Caledonia. Fast ascent , and not the time for not necessary landings! Suunto Vyper and Scubapro Xtender sounded. Xtender flashed ceaselessly during return, terrifying the owner... Nemo in mode PF0 was less restrictive, and in the end better feeling of safety. Mares adapted well the RGBM.

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