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Mares Nemo Air - Perfect Specimen In Hose Air-Integrated Dive Computers Family!

Mares Nemo Air - Perfect Specimen In Hose Air-Integrated Dive Computers Family!

Mares Nemo Air is hose air-integrated dive computer. Friendly interface and reliable unit! Suitable for beginners and recreational divers. It has everything you need to dive with Air, Nitrox, and technical gas mixes in Gauge mode. Possibility to install additional compass to create Navigation console.

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User Interface
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Mares Nemo Air is a hose air-integrated dive computer. It is very suitable for the beginners, thanks to its friendly interface and well-structured manuals, and technical divers will find variety of features which will be beneficial to them during diving with Nitrox and using this dive computer as a Gauge.

It is perfect scuba diving equipment for guys who prefer hose air-integrated dive computer - it will never lose wireless connection with transmitter and you may always rely on its accuracy in computing Air Time Remaining (ATR), tank pressure and your breathing rate!

As you will be using this dive computer during various diving situations – you will need to read various information to be well-informed. And Nemo Air has it all!

Depending on what conditions you are – whether it’s Air, Nitrox, or Gauge dive modes, and No-Decompression or Decompression diving situations, Nemo Air provides you with appropriate displays with all related information.


Mares Nemo Air Features Card

Copy this Mares Nemo Air Key Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


Now – it’s a question about User Replacement Battery option!

Yes, you may replace the battery, but if something goes wrong after that procedure – Mares declines all responsibility for damage and warranty is void.
And it is the standard issue with all companies-manufacturers of dive computers and it shouldn’t make you feeling uncomfortable.
Sometimes it is wiser to pay 10 bucks for battery replacement at service centre and stay on the safe side!

But if you are confident that this operation of battery replacement will go smoothly - do it yourself! There is nothing hard or high-tech! You will see it on this video.


Video How To Replace Battery In Mares Nemo Air dive computer. Unable to watch this video? Watch it on Youtube


By the way, if you replace battery, log book will stay safe, but all residual nitrogen memory will be cleared and all RGBM calculations from your previous dive (if you had any before the battery replacement) will stop - Mares Nemo Air doesn't have battery "hot swap" or data retention function.



Benefits of using Mares Nemo Air dive computer

  • you will get very intuitive dive computer and learn it fast, thanks to well-structured manuals and user-friendly setup;
  • you will have full-featured Nitrox instrument for recreational diving;
  • you will be always sharp aware of your air consumption as Mares Nemo Air is hose air-integrated dive computer;
  • you will be able to build NAVCON by adding compass;
  • you will be able replace battery yourself very easy








User Interface
3 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge
Integrated Digital Compass
Mares–Wienke RGBM
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 50%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
P0/P1/P2/P3 - 0 - 3700 meters
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
12 - 48 meters
Logbook Capacity
40 dive hours maximum
Max Operational Depth
150 meters
Backlight duration
8 sec
Sampling Rate
20 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Data Retention or battery 'hot swap'
PC Interface
2 years










Nemo Air has 3 buttons on its interactive control panel and 1 small bar graph that represents Ascent Speed Rate.

It has pretty big display and backlight is quite long – about 8 seconds. So, it will give you more convenience, if you went deeper, or diving at night.







Mares Nemo Air Settings Card

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Mares Nemo Air: Diving With Air & Nitrox


Mares Nemo Air NO-DECO Card

Copy this Mares Nemo Air No-Deco Diving Display Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


All digits are perfectly seen - they are sharp and clear, so you won't have any troubles to understand what is on display.

When certain conditions reached - dive computer may instruct you for Deep Stop. It happens during the Decompression mode and dives that are very close to the No-Decompression Limits (NDLs) and depends on your diving profile. In those cases Nemo Air displays Deep Stop icon, beeps on you and displays Deep Stop Time and Deep Stop Depth.

It goes without saying that Mares Nemo Air constantly monitors our breathing ratio, PO2 and O2 status. And if certain conditions exist - dive computer activates corresponding warning or alarm, like Low Pressure alarm, PO2 alarm or High O2 warning, for example.


When you ascent – Nemo Air activates ascent rate control algorithm and if your ascent speed more than it should be in certain conditions, dive computer will display message ‘SLOW’ and beeps. Ascent alarm continues until your ascent speed becomes less than allowable maximum.

During diving with Nitrox and in No-decompression mode all displays are almost identical to diving with Air, only with Nitrox you have oxygen toxicity level readout and %CNS icon displayed as well.

Also in this case you will have set of alarms that are applicable to diving with Nitrox:

  1. Oxygen partial pressure alarm (PPO2);
  2. Oxygen toxicity exposure alarm (%CNS)


And it is worth to mention that before diving with Nitrox you must set correct parameters for FO2 and PO2, because dive computer calculates allowable maximum operational depth (MOD) and bottom time, according to those specific Nitrox parameters.


If we exceed No-Decompression Limits - Mares Nemo Air activates Decompression mode and all calculations will be regarding to that mode only.


Mares Nemo Air DECO Card

Copy this Mares Nemo Air Deco Diving Display Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


If we exceed Decompression Stop for 1 meter and stay at shallower depth for more than 3 minutes - Nemo Air dive computer activates Omitted Stop mode and locks for this mode for 24 hours. During that time it will function as a depth gauge and timer only. In such a case we must stay out of diving for at least 24 hours to be on the safe side - Decompression Chamber may cost too dear, but your health is dearer!


Mares Nemo Air: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Next dive mode of Nemo Air is Gauge. In this mode computer doesn’t perform calculations for nitrogen and oxygen absorption. It works as a depth gauge and timer only.

Below is a summary of what we will have on main and secondary displays during diving in Gauge mode:

  • Air Time Remaining (ATR) at current depth;
  • tank pressure;
  • breathing ratio;
  • Ascent Rate Bar Graph and numerical value;
  • current depth;
  • max depth;
  • time;
  • temperature


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After we did test dive with our Mares Nemo Air - it is time to explore its post-dive functions. Below you will find short descriptions of them:

  1. System Mode - here you will be able to set general parameters and view important information about dive computer, like: serial number, software & hardware versions, check battery status, and clear the residual nitrogen memory;
  2. Planning Mode – this function gives you opportunity to scroll through No-Decompression limits, according to the current residual nitrogen from previous dives (range from 12m (39ft) to 48m (157ft));
  3. Log Book Mode – this function allows you to view details about all your previous dives. Max capacity of on-unit memory is approximately 40 hrs;
  4. PC link mode – this function allows us to download all data from Nemo Air to PC with optional interface cable

Log Book is pretty extensive and contains a summary of dives and detailed information for the individual dives.

If you are interested to have even more extensive storage for your dive history management – you need to buy special USB interface as an accessory and dedicated software to install on PC. After this you will be able easily transfer all your data from Nemo Air to PC.







Mares Nemo Air: What Divers Say


  • very intuitive dive computer;
  • air integration is very handy option;
  • PC software is very convenient option;
  • user replaceable battery;
  • easy to operate and easy to read dive computer;
  • has all possible functions that recreational diver would ever need



  • audio alarms are not very loud and can be missed if wear the hood;
  • PC software is pretty basic, but it does the job


Mares Nemo Air is packed with wide range of features that would give all information you need at any diving condition. It was designed and built for divers who enjoy challenges and want to have control of each diving situation they got into.

And this is a great benefit for you – to be well-informed and have full control!

3 dive modes, huge display, hose air integration, very easy to change battery, and perfect manuals - what can be better!


Mares Nemo Air dive computerMares Nemo Air
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star golden star


If you prefer hose air-integrated dive computer that works as a highest quality Swiss wrist watch – Mares Nemo Air is definitely for you! And it deserves highest score from Dive-Computer-Wizard.com



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Leslie, 10 August 2013 13:17
The Best Hose Air-Integrated Dive Computer Ever Made!

I've loaded on my Mares Nemo Air more than 450 dives for the last almost 5 years. And still it runs nice and smooth. For this period of time I've never had any problems with this dive computer.

It's fully and easy adjustable for all sorts of recreational diving. And even today we have many new dive computers with wireless and wrist style - I still hold with my buddy Mares Nemo Air, because there is no substitution for its reliability!

Quin, 16 April 2011 10:07
Mares Nemo Air - Exceptional For Recreational Diving

One of the easiest dive computer to use! I' ve been diving with Mares Nemo Air for the last 3 years and it didn't give me a single trouble!

I don't mind having extra-hose for air integration and this function gives me real bottom time calculation with display of air time remaining, breathing rate, and tank pressure.

This dive computer highly user customizable - I may set Safety Factor, Altitude programs, Air Reserve High and Low alarms. Also Deep Stop function is very useful as well.

The display has intuitive layout and it's easy to read, user interface is easy to learn and work with. Audio alarms are loud and backlight is strong.

Mares Nemo Air has plenty of functions and they completely satisfy my recreational way of diving!

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