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Cressi Archimede 2 Will Definitely Unveil Your Potential As Diver!

Cressi Archimede 2 Will Definitely Unveil Your Potential As Diver!

Cressi Archimede 2 dive computer is perfect for beginners and recreational divers. It is easy to program and use dive computer that supports 2 Nitrox gas mixes. It has Inbuilt Dive Simulator, optional PC interface, Personal Conservative Factor adjustment and user replaceable battery.

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User Interface
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Cressi Archimede 2 can be recommended dive computer for both beginners and advanced divers. It is pretty straightforward computer, but still has many functions that allow you to grow as a diver in your career, and technical divers will find features, which will give them opportunity of diving with different gas mixes in single dive and use this scuba dive computer in Gauge mode with extended operational depth range.

Archimede 2 is a further development of the previous model from Cressi - Archimede. Because of the upgrade you may use new dive computer for technical diving, setting up 2 Nitrox gas mixes.

Also, there is another interesting possibility - to make a nice console with Archimede 2 by adding pressure gauge and compass. If you make that - probably, you won't need another dive instruments for many years to come!


Cressi Archimede 2 Features Card

Copy this Cressi Archimede 2 Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!



Benefits of using Cressi Archimede 2 dive computer

  • you will get easy and friendly controllable and programmable dive computer;
  • you will have instrument with 2 Nitrox gas mixes, so starting technical diving will be easy;
  • you will pay great price for double Nitrox gas mix dive computer;
  • you will be able to replace battery yourself in Cressi Archimede 2;
  • you will be able to dive down to 200 meters in Gauge mode








User Interface
3 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge
Integrated Digital Compass
Buhlmann ZHL-8
Number of Gas Mixes
Mix1 - 21% - 50%; Mix2 - 21% - 99%
1.0 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
9 - 48 meters
Logbook Capacity
60 the most recent dives or 30 dive hours
Max Operational Depth
Air/Nitrox - 100 m; Gauge - 200 meters
Backlight duration
5 sec
Sampling Rate
30 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Data Retention
PC Interface
2 years










Archimede 2 has 3 control buttons on the front face. Using them you will have access to variety of settings, displays, and retrieving information that is related to your dive or when you are on the surface.

This dive computer has 3 Bar Graphs:

  1. Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph shows the level of nitrogen absorption and No-Deco or Deco status;
  2. Oxygen Loading Bar Graph represents CNS O2 toxicity level from current dive or accumulated for 24 last hours;
  3. Ascent Rate Bar Graph - displays how fast you ascend and if you exceed allowable rate - Archimede 2 will give you visual and audio alarms







Before diving we will customize Archimede 2 dive computer and set desirable parameters. They are presented on the picture below.


Cressi Archimede 2 Fine-Tuning Card

Copy this Cressi Archimede 2 Fine-Tuning Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


This dive computer is very easy to set up, and there are not many parameters, but it still have all features and functions you ever need to dive safely with different modes and in variety of conditions. This instrument was made for us to enjoy and relax during our diving adventures!







After submersion, dive computer starts the dive mode you selected, whether it is Air, Nitrox, or Gauge.


Cressi Archimede 2: Diving With Air & Nitrox

During Air or Nitrox dive we get following dive data displayed:

  1. current and maximum depths;
  2. No-Decompression (NDC) Time Remaining value;
  3. Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  4. Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph;
  5. Oxygen toxicity level (CNS level) - if applicable;
  6. Ascent Bar Graph while ascending;
  7. temperature;
  8. applicable icons, etc.


If we set Archimede 2 for Nitrox (Nitrox dive mode, Fo2s and PO2s), in addition to the data listed above we will get following values displayed:

  1. current PO2 value;
  2. Oxygen toxicity level (CNS level) Bar Graph;
  3. FO2 value for selected gas mix;
  4. applicable icons for diving with Nitrox


In Nitrox dive mode we will be able to swap gas mixes during a single dive, if the new mix PO2 level is acceptable for current depth. If PO2 of the new gas mix is higher - dive computer will give Max PO2 alarm and won't let you to change gas mixes - it is all done for our safety!

When set for Nitrox Archimede 2 constantly calculates your Central Nervous System (CNS) toxicity level. That's because Nitrox contains less percentage of nitrogen, but higher percentage of oxygen and you are subject to different hazard - oxygen toxicity.

Dive computer has CNS O2 Bar Graph to graphically represent toxicity level, and when it has all 8 segments filled up - it means that you have high toxicity level. At that time dive computer will give you a High CNS alarm.

Also computer monitors PO2 value. If you reach the limit depth related to PO2 value set point or depth that is equivalent to PO2 of 1.6 bar - dive computer will warn you with High PO2 alarm.


This dive instrument is equiped with other two important warnings - one is Safety Stop prompt and High Ascent Rate alarm. Upon reaching certain conditions of diving you may get Safety Stop prompt with appropriate data displayed. Safety Stop is not mandatory, but it is considered to be a good diving practice, especially if you were ascending continuously faster than allowed.

Also if you ascend too fast at the certain depths - Archimede 2 will give you an audio warning of High Ascent Rate alarm.


When No-Decompression (NDC) time available decreases to 3 minutes - dive computer will activate an alarm, meaning that switching to Decompression mode is close and if we exceed our No-Decompression Limits (NDLs), instrument will switch to Decompression mode and all calculations from this moment will start for that mode only.

In Decompression mode you will see following information displayed:

  • Decompression Stop Depth;
  • Decompression Stop Time;
  • Total Ascent Time (TOTAL);
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph;
  • DECO icon


If you, by any reason, ascended shallower than Deco Stop depth displayed and didn't correct your position within 3 minutes - Archimede 2 would display 'Error' message and you wouldn't be able to use it as a dive computer for the next 48 hours. Only Logbook and History modes would be accessible.


Cressi Archimede 2: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Another dive mode of Archimede 2 dive computer is a Gauge mode. In this mode - it works as a depth gauge and timer only and do not perform oxygen and nitrogen absorption calculations. In this mode maximum depth is increased to 200 meters. So, you may try out this dive computer for multi-gas mixes or freediving.

In Gauge mode display shows following dive data:

  • current and maximum depths;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • Ascent Rate Bar Graph;
  • Max Depth alarm icon (if set to ON);
  • temperature







On surface you will access following modes:

  1. Desaturation Countdown Timer;
  2. No-Fly icon - means that any travel or flight higher than current altitude must be avoided until this icon will disappear;
  3. Dive Logbook for Air, Nitrox, and Gauge dive modes - 3 pages of very detailed dive data;
  4. Dive History for Air, Nitrox, and Gauge dive modes - can store up to 999 dives and shows accumulated dive time, maximum depth reached and total number of dives;
  5. Dive Profile – detailed profile for Air, Nitrox, and Gauge dive modes;
  6. PC data transfer with optional PC interface;
  7. Dive Simulator mode - great feature to help you to get familiar with Archimede 2 - just enter the data and see how display will look like in real diving situation;
  8. Dive Simulator with surface interval - allows you to simulate next dive if you have residual nitrogen;
  9. Dive Planner – allows us to plan No-Decompression dives;
  10. Dive Computer Reset function - great feature if you use Archimede 2 for renting purposes and group training


Please, note here - Archimede 2 doesn't have 'battery hot swap' option or 'data retention' function! If you replace battery during desaturation calculation in progress - all data will be lost. And adjustable parameters will turn to factory defaults. In this scenario - do not dive for at least next 24 hours!

Therefore, do battery replacement only when you are clear of residual nitrogen!







Cressi Archimede 2: What Divers Say


  • easy and friendly controllable and programmable dive computer;
  • adjustable Personal Conservative Factor for extra-safety;
  • 2 Nitrox gas mixes;
  • diver replaceable battery;
  • great price for double Nitrox gas mix dive computer...



  • many great features, but not an air-integrated dive computer;
  • PC interface is optional;
  • no ‘battery hot swap’ option;
  • user manuals not well structured and organized;
  • watch and calendar functions are always ‘ON’ – probability that it will eat battery faster...


As you may see – Cressi Archimede 2 dive computer is very intuitive and easy to use, and packed with all features you need to stay safe during diving and extend diving experiences to the deeper limits!

It is suitable and can be recommended dive computer for both beginners, who wants to progress fast in their diving career and want to have all-in-one instrument and advanced divers.

We found it was very easy to set, after spending sometime figuring out manuals, intuitive dive data display, quite big buttons to press - no issues at all, except, probably no battery "hot swap".


Cressi Archimede 2 dive computerCressi Archimede 2
Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star silver star


Recreational divers, who have already had experience with scuba computers, and want dive instrument that may handle double Nitrox gas mixes and do not want to spend a fortune of money for expensive computer can easy add Cressi Archimede 2 dive computer to their dive gear!



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Pedro, 1 July 2014 07:37
Medium Conservatism

This dive computer provides dive profiles with medium conservatism. If you want it to be more conservative you can dial in up to two additional levels of conservatism. The display is large and the backlight works well. Mine is about 7 years old and has not had any problems.

My only criticism is the design of the scratch guard over the display. As it got older, mineral deposits have built up on the inside of the scratch guard. I can read everything just fine underwater but in air the mineral deposits make the display difficult to read. Eventually I just pried the scratch guard off the front of the display. The glass face underneath was perfectly readable and seems durable.

I am sorry to see this computer discontinued. More recent Cressi computers claim to use a newer RGBM algorithm that usually means super-conservative.


Mason, 19 July 2013 17:20
Best Versatile Dive Computer For Recreational Divers

For the last 4 years of diving with Cressi Archimede 2 I still consider this dive computer is the best device for recreational divers. I didn't have even smallest issue with it for this period of time.

I like user set safety factor and regularly use two gas mixes. The whole system is designed really with end user in mind - starting with user-friendly documentation and all specs and functions.

The one and only one downside of Archimede 2 is no battery "hot swap" or data retention feature.

Joe, 26 May 2013 14:27
Simple, straight forward, easy to use and read.

Probably the best recreational dive computer made, especially if you consider the price. I have over 80 dives on mine with no complaints.

Large readout, easy menu, no need to press buttons during dive, handles Nitrox (2 mix), next dive planner, retains dive data on battery change. Many recreation divers have more expensive computers and don't know how to set, use or read them, therefore expensive dive-bling.

I've looked at the newer Leonardo and much prefer the Archimede 2.

Christian, 1 September 2012 06:37
Archimede 2 Is Ideal For Divers Who Are Cautious About Bottom Time

I've been diving with Cressi Archimede 2 for about 1.5 years and use it in different locations. I may say, that overall - it is good dive computer for recreational diving and tech-starters, as it supports 2 Nitrox mixes.

User manual is a bit awkward, and as I remember, I spent some time to figure out how to set and dive with Archimede correctly.

Display is big enough and has all critical data, also very easy to read all dive info. But the main disadvantage of Archimede 2 - for me it is very conservative.

When I was diving in a group - it showed sometimes 10 minutes bottom time less than dive computers of others. Overall, for the price and all functions performance I'm satisfied with Cressi Archimede 2.

Josh, 5 June 2011 05:23
Great Console With Archimede 2

I use Archimede 2 in a console version with SPG. It is very convenient option. I know my tank pressure and can calculate the remaining bottom time.

Very happy with Cressi Archimede 2 performance - won't ever need another piece of scuba gear!

Roman, 20 May 2011 05:17
Cressi Archimede 2 Is Very Functional But Ascent Alarm Is Very Sensitive

I have been diving with Cressi Archimede 2 for about 4 years. Very user-friendly and easy to set up. Double gas option is a great addition to other features, like Dive Simulator, Personal Conservative Factor setting and

I can replace battery myself without sending it back to service center.Display is very clear and easy readable.

I noticed only one drawback so far - Ascent Alarm of this dive computer is very sensitive to my movements and even if I move my arm faster than usual - Archimede 2 starts beeping. But, anyway, it is a great computer for such a price.

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