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Aeris Manta - Excellent Combination Of The Wrist Watch And Dive Computer

Aeris Manta - Excellent Combination Of The Wrist Watch And Dive Computer

Aeris Manta is equally perfect to be used as a digital watch or dive computer, since it has all appropriate functions. Ideal for beginners, recreational and freedivers.Very easy to set up and use instrument with 1 Nitrox mix and 4 dive modes to satisfy any demand in recreational diving.

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Aeris Manta is made in dive watch computer style and can be used by experienced divers and it is also can be recommended dive computer for the beginners in scubadiving who are serious to learn new concepts of advanced dive instrument.

It has capabilities of full-featured nitrox dive computer, since we may use it for diving with Air and Nitrox, or utilize it as a Gauge or freediving instrument.

It is not an air-integrated instrument and it supports only 1 Nitrox mix.

It is very possible to wear it as a stylish digital watch - it is not too bulky for that!


Aeris Manta Features Card

Copy this Aeris Manta Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!



Benefits of using Aeris Manta dive computer

  • you will have not only multifunctional dive computer with 4 dive modes, but also excellent standalone digital watch;
  • you will get one of the best streamlined dive computers that combined many outstanding features in one body;
  • if you are a beginner and want to learn dive computer quickly without getting into high-tech stuff too deeply - Aeris Manta is your choice!
  • you may easy save money for your next dive gear by investing in Manta - it has very nice price-functions ratio!
  • you will be able to replace battery by yourself;
  • if you like to have high level of control over dive computer performance - Aeris Manta gives you high degree of adjustment options








User Interface
4 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge, FREEdive
Standalone Digital Watch
modified Haldanean
Number of Gas Mixes
Air, 21% - 50%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
9 - 57 meters
Logbook Capacity
Air/Nitrox/Gauge - 24 most recent dives; FREEdive - 99 dives
Max Operational Depth
100 meters
Backlight duration
0/5/10 sec
Sampling Rate
2/15/30/60 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Battery 'hot swap'
PC Interface
2 years










Aeris Manta this dive computer has 4 buttons on the Interactive Control panel: MODE, SELECT, LIGHT, and ADVANCE.

Aeris Manta has 1 bar graph and it shares it between nitrogen loading or oxygen accumulation:

  1. Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph (NiBG) shows you no-decompression and decompression status: when you go deeper and dive time increases, segments will be added to the bar, and when you ascend (or stay on surface) – amount of segments decreases therefore giving you more time to stay underwater; 4 segments represent No-Decompression condition and all 5 segments give you indication that you are in Decompression situation;
  2. Oxygen Accumulation Bar Graph (O2BG) represents oxygen accumulation during single dive or oxygen accumulated during last 24 hours and it may be accessed temporarily on the Alternative display when Manta set for Nitrox.


As this scuba diving computer doesn't have dedicated Fast Ascent Rate Bar Graph - it will display all associated warnings and alarms by audio signal, red LED flashing and SLOW message.

Data is represented on main, alternative and secondary displays and you will easy swap them by pressing ADVANCE button.







All parameters of Aeris Manta are divided for several groups for our convenience and standardization.


Aeris Manta Settings Card

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As a dive computer, Aeris Manta operates in 3 modes:

  1. Normal Mode – when you set it for Air or Nitrox;
  2. Gauge Mode – in this mode Manta functions as a depth gauge and timer only and doesn’t perform calculations for nitrogen absorption and oxygen accumulation;
  3. Freedive Mode


Aeris Manta: Diving With Air & Nitrox

If we set Aeris Manta for Nitrox, we will get following dive data on main, alternative and secondary displays during No-Decompression mode.


Aeris Manta NO-DECO Card

Copy this Aeris Manta No-Deco Displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


If you set Safety Stop - Manta would definitely give you Safety Stop prompt upon reaching certain conditions during No-Decompression dive. Besides to all above-mentioned dive data displayed during No-Decompression dive, it will show you required depth for Safety Stop and Countdown Timer. If Safety Stop option was set to OFF – you won't get Safety Stop prompt.


If we exceed No-Decompression Limits (NDLs) - Aeris Manta will activate Decompression mode. All calculations will run for Decompression mode only. During this mode you will need to ascend to certain depth, displayed on the screen, and stay at this depth required time that is shown on display in order to decompress.


Aeris Manta DECO Card

Copy this Aeris Manta DECO Displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


If you make any violations during decompression – Aeris Manta will show information related to each kind of violation with appropriate values, Bar Graphs, icons, and graphics.

Aeris Manta constantly monitors PO2 and O2 conditions and upon reaching certain point it will give you High PO2 or High O2 alarms with all applicable dive data, icons and O2BG.


Aeris Manta: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Next dive mode is a Gauge. If you set Manta for this mode – dive computer will work as a depth gauge and timer only and do not perform calculations for nitrogen and oxygen accumulation.

When you dove in Gauge mode – computer would stay locked for 24 hours, and you need to wait 24 hours before you may access Air, Nitrox, or Freedive modes.

Below is a representation from main, alternative, and secondary displays of what you will get during diving in Gauge mode:

  • graphic GAUG;
  • current depth;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT)
  • max depth;
  • temperature;
  • time


Aeris Manta: FREEdiving

In a Freedive mode Manta works as a depth gauge and calculates nitrogen based on the default FO2 of Air and the amount that you may have after previous dives from the last 24 hours.

For freediving dive computer has special set of alarms that you may access from Free Surf Main screen. Below you may find brief descriptions of them:

  • Free Countdown Timer;
  • Free dive Elapsed Dive Time (EDT) alarm is different from EDT in Air and Nitrox modes and you may set it to ON/OFF; this alarm will goes on every time when 30 seconds elapses;
  • Free dive Depth (FDA) alarms – you may set 3 depth alarms, each at progressively deeper depths at a range 10 - 100 meters; and then dive computer will beep on you when certain depth reached


During freedive you will get main and secondary displays and below is the summary from them:

  • NiBG, if you have residual level of nitrogen from previous dives;
  • current depth;
  • No-Decompression (NDC) Time Remaining;
  • Elapsed Dive Time;
  • Countdown Timer status display;
  • applicable graphics


Freedive Nitrogen Bar Graph (NiBG) alarm activates when nitrogen remained from previous dives and current nitrogen loading reaches the Caution zone. Aeris Manta will warn you with appropriate display, notations, audio and red LED flashing.

If you get into the Decompression during freediving, dive computer will activate Violation mode for 24 hours, which means that you must stay out of diving for the next 24 hours, access to Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes will be blocked, and only Watch mode functions will be operational.

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After we tested Aeris Manta in different diving conditions, now it is a right time to explore post-dive modes of this dive computer.

Manta has standard set of post-dive functions that allows us to see our Desaturation and No-Fly times, access and view logbook and history and download them to PC with optional interface cable. Below are short descriptions of each of those functions:

  1. Pre Dive Planning Sequence (PDPS) – this function allows you to see No-Decompression times at a range of 9 - 57 meters and it depends on settings of Personal Conservative Factor and FO2 set point;
  2. Time to Fly Countdown Timer;
  3. Desaturation Countdown Timer;
  4. LogBook Mode for Air, Nitrox and Gauge dive modes – it stores data of your 24 most recent dives (battery removal does not make any effect on Logbook memory) and consists of 3 pages of dive data;
  5. History Mode for Air, Nitrox and Gauge dive modes – accumulates information, like number of dives, number of dive hours, and Max depth achieved from all your previous dives (battery removal does not make any effect on History memory);
  6. PC interface – this function allows you to download data from Manta to PC by using special cable and ACI (Aeris Computer Interface) software







Aeris Manta: What Divers Say


  • easy to read and interpret data;
  • can be recommended dive computer for the beginners;
  • strong backlight - good for night dives;
  • no problems to press buttons if you dive in cold waters and wear thick gloves;
  • many features that are found on computers twice as expensive;
  • not too bulky to wear it as a watch on shore;
  • really good dive computer with all the necessary features at reasonable price



  • doesn’t give average depth unless you send your dive data to your PC;
  • can’t go backwards in screens/dives when reviewing the dive log;
  • can be hardware problems (quite uncommon thing);
  • manual is confusing since the beginning and buttons combos are bad;
  • PC interface cable is overpriced


Aeris Manta is dive watch computer, this means – you may wear it onshore as well and use as a normal watch. It may be set for different dive conditions, whether you diving Air and Nitrox, or use it as a gauge and freediving instrument. And this is a definite benefit for if you like flexibility that dive computer gives you and like to be involved in different diving activities.


It doesn’t have multi-gas setting, like Tusa IQ-750 Element II, but Aeris Manta compensates this by having wide range of features that can make your diving experience nice and pleasurable.

We found that documentation is a bit confusing to follow since the beginning and combinations of buttons may be confusing too, but it is a common thing, when you start something new, right!?


Aeris Manta dive computerAeris Manta

Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star half star


If you want to have the reliable unit that help you enjoy variety of diving activities and you are prepared to spend some time learning docs and playing with this dive computer till you will get perfect with it - go for Aeris Manta, this dive instrument is definitely worth your attention!



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JasenK, 6 March 2013 10:34
Like The Whole Concept - Having Dive Computer & Watch In One Pack

I've been diving with Manta for about 5 years already. It totally match my needs as a recreational diver and I can wear it onshore, going to cafes or restaurants. It is not too bulky for that!

As a wrist watch it has all standard parameters as standalone watches have.

As a dive computer it has comprehensive set of functions that covers all diving with Air, Nitrox, and Gauge.

I don't do freediving very often, but think if you are a dedicated freediver - you need to buy Aeris F10 or Mares Nemo Apneist. These two dive computers are purely for freedivers.

Donovan, 5 June 2012 15:31
Manta Is A Godsend For Recreational Divers

After logging more than 450 dives on my Aeris Manta - I think that it's a prime dive computer for recreational diving! The whole pack with all functions is perfectly balanced for every condition - whether I'm onshore or underwater. I love easy to use interface and big display with all vital dive data that is clearly read.

Thanks to Manta I started freediving that I found very exciting. I recommend this dive computer to every recreational diver, who doesn't require air integration!

Michelle, 3 August 2011 17:00
Aeris Manta - Great Dive Computer & Standalone Watch

I'm quite new to diving and I bought this dive computer for my Advanced Certification and to continue my diving career.

And I wasn't disappointed, even after it took me sometime to learn user manual and interface that is quite extensive!

It has tons of functions that cover completely my needs in recreational diving and extra-safety functions, like Safety Stop and Personal Conservative Factor settings.

Also I could wear it as a digital watch in casual atmosphere.

Lots of data in LogBook and Dive History that can be downloaded to my notebook.

Aeris Manta has intuitive displays with all dive data can be easy read.

The only drawback in my opinion is PC download cable, which is sold seperately for about $90.

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