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Aeris F10 - Your Dive Buddy Who You May Rely On Deep Down!

Aeris F10 - Your Dive Buddy Who You May Rely On Deep Down!

Aeris F10 is a dive computer that was made especially for freedivers. Packed with many specific functions for this type of activity, it will greately help you deep down and on surface. If you are involved in freediving - this instrument is certainly for you!

General Information
User Interface
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Aeris F10 was designed for freediving only and it definitely can be recommended dive computer for every freediver and guys who are engaged in spearfishing. This freediving computer has all necessary features to provide you with specific dive data regarding to your hobby and besides that, you may wear it as a fully functional digital wrist watch.

If you are freediver - you will be pretty happy to know that this device has all specific functions, which are dedicated to freediving.

There are no other dive modes and any additional corresponding functions to support them. Just freediving and nothing else!


Aeris F10 Features Card

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Benefits of using Aeris F.10 dive computer

  • along with freediving computer you will get fully functional standalone digital watch;
  • Aeris F.10 is purely freediving computer, so if you are a freediver or going into spearfishing - it's one of the best choices we have on the market;
  • you will have extensive number of warnings and alarms, dedicated to freediving only, and no other stuff!
  • you will get dive computer with large memory capacity to track your diving activity;
  • you will be able to replace battery by yourself








User Interface
4 buttons
Dive Modes
Standalone Digital Watch
Altitude adjustment
Logbook Capacity
99 most recent dives
Max Operational Depth
100 meters
Backlight duration
0/5/10/30/60 sec
Sampling Rate
factory pre-set
User Replaceable Battery
Battery 'hot swap'
PC Interface
2 years













Aeris F10 dive computer has 4 control buttons for programming and accessing data. And you can do it very easy - not hard to memorize buttons combos and no strange buttons sequences! So you will be ready to dive with it in no time!

Display has main and alternative screens and you may easily access them by pressing ADVANCE button whether you are on surface or underwater to see Countdown Timer (CDT) status or additional data.

Digits are large and backlight is strong, so it won't be any troubles for you to see your max depth or check out your Countdown Timer status display deep down.







This freediving computer is very easy to set-up, thanks to its user-friendly interface and not too many adjustable parameters.


Aeris F10 Settings Card

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If you got optional PC interface cable and downloaded and installed Aeris interface software on your PC - you might set parameters for A and U groups, and change Time/Date directly by using your personal computer and then upload them to Aeris F10.







Aeris F10: FREEdiving

Diving display has main and alternative screens.


Aeris F10 FREEdiving Card

Copy this Aeris F.10 FREEdiving Displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


Sound and flashing LED depend on how we set Audio alarm. If we set it to OFF option - we won't hear any audio alarm and there won't be LED flashing, but icons and messages, associated with corresponding alarms will still flash and backlight will come up as well.

During diving we will certainly get alarms as we set them before with audio signal and corresponding messages flashing:

  1. Countdown Timer alarm will activate when Free countdown time decreases to 'zero';
  2. Elapsed Dive Time (EDT) alarm repeats each time when set time interval hits 'zero';
  3. Repeating Depth Interval (RDI) alarm will sound every time when depth interval that you set is reached;
  4. Descending Depth (DD) alarms will sound when you reach certain depth set point


As you have already noticed - Aeris F10 dive computer is dedicated purely to freediving with all critical dive data for this activity.







After finishing our dive there is another alarm - Surface Recovery Time (SRT). If we set it to ON - this will beep on us when surface time interval between previous and next dive is elapsed.

On surface we are able to access following functions:

  1. Logbook mode stores up to 99 dives and consists of 3 pages of dive data; 3rd page is for viewing diving profile;
  2. Full History & Day History are quite extencive and each consist of 4 pages with all our freediving activity;
  3. Upload/Download data from and to PC - by using special software we may upload settings of Time, Alarms and Utilities groups from PC to Aeris F10; and by using Download part of that software we are able to download from dive computer to PC our logbook data and set points.


Dive computer has user battery replacement option and this operation doesn't make any effect on logbook, history and settings - all data will be retained in memory.







Aeris F10: What Divers Say


  • very reliable, smart, easy to read;
  • very well setup for recreational and advanced freediving



  • high price of this dive computer


As you may see - Aeris F10 is pure freediving instrument with all functions dedicated only to freediving and can be recommended dive computer for this activity. It has variety set of freediving alarms that will assist you on your way down and up.

Good manuals, friendly user interface and easy to read and interpret display!

We recorded that some units had the internal software problems, but most of the issues were fixed during firmware upgrade at Aeris, so newest units, probably, won't have any problems.


Someone may say that this model is overpriced, but it is your call - shop around if you think this way. We have few dive computers on the market with freedive modes with similar price, but they are not pure freediving computers, they include full set of functions for Air and Nitrox diving, like Aeris Manta, Cressi Edy II, Mares Nemo Excel, Oceanic Geo, and Tusa IQ-750 Element II.


Aeris F10 dive computerdAeris F10 v.2

Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star half star


If you are involved in recreational or advanced freediving and want to have dive computer dedicated to freediving only - Aeris F10 dive computer is definitely worth your attention!



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Tomas Vanicek/Prague, 9 July 2017 05:44
Super computer, but......

I am very experienced scuba diving instructor, and freediving is my new hobby. I use this Aeris/Oceanic F10 V3 only some months, but it is excellent!!!


1) with this price should cost less or include PC interface cable (the same oppinion, like Patrick on 7 March 2012)

2) it is almost impossible to find some special software program for freediving, which will be compatible with this computer. Special this I can not understand, this should be the task of the manufacturer!!!

Omar, 3 August 2013 05:20
Aeris F10 - Perfect For Spearfishing

I've bought Aeris F10 for spearfishing and I've been diving with it for more than 3 years already. I've never used a dive computer or dive watch that was such well and convenient made for my hobby! This freediving computer has everything I need and all information clearly shown on easy to read display. And I don't care about its higher price - I just love it!

Stephan, 6 March 2013 09:34
Best Freediving Comp Ever!

I'm a freediver and do spearfishing as well, so I bought Aeris F.10. Also I have Sherwood Insight.

F.10 is solely freediving computer and I'm more than pleased with its performance. It is intuitive, so I didn't spend lots of time for figuring out how to set it and use.

I like very comprehensive number of freediving alarms, well-structured and easy to read display!

Price bites, but it cost every penny of my investment!

Patrick, 7 March 2012 17:00
Enjoying Freediving With Aeris F10

This dive computer was made only for freedivers and for spearfishing. It doesn't calculate No-Deco Limits and all related information. I figured out how to use it right away, thanks to easy to understand user documentation and interface.

Aeris F10 is easy to set and dive with. All dive data is presented on easy to read and intuitive display. Computer has number of alarms that I found very critical to freediver - Elapsed Dive Time, Repeating Depth & Descending Depth alarms. It never failed me at any depth - either at 15 m deep or at sea surface, if I use is as a normal wristwatch!

It has quite extensive Log and History mode.

With PC interface cable I could download dive data to my PC. Sometimes PC couldn't recognize Aeris F10 in some reason, but it happens not very often, so I can't give it big Con. Bigger Con will be its price! I think Aeris F10 v.1 should cost less or include PC interface cable (otherwise I had to buy it separately and pay 90 bucks)!

Overall, Aeris F10 satisfies completely my needs in freediving and I can give it an "excellent" mark!

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