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Aeris Epic - Dive Computer With All Critical Info At Your Finger Tips!

Aeris Epic - Dive Computer With All Critical Info At Your Finger Tips!

Aeris Epic is hoseless air-integrated computer that combines functions of stylish digital watch and dive computer. Supports up to 3 Nitrox gas mixes, up to 3 Transmitters, 'buddy pressure check' option and PC interface cable included. Advanced instrument for dedicated divers!

General Information
User Interface
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Aeris Epic is a hoseless air-integrated dive computer. It may be recommended dive computer for divers with different diving experience – whether you made just a few dives or you are diving technical, thanks to the wide variety of its features.


Aeris Epic Features Card

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Benefits of using Aeris Epic dive computer

  • say "Yes!" to standalone digital watch and multifunctional dive computer in one body;
  • it sits perfectly on your wrist;
  • you will set up to 3 wireless transmitters and always be aware of either your air consumption or buddy's tank air pressure;
  • you will be able diving recreational, technical and freediving to the depth of 100 meters;
  • you may set Aeris Epic for liberal or conservative diving;
  • included PC interface cable allows you save money;
  • you will be able to replace battery yourself - no need to send Aeris Epic to dive shop or dealer!








User Interface
4 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge, FREEdive
Standalone Digital Watch
modified Haldanean
Number of Gas Mixes
Mix 1- Air, 21% - 50%; Mix 2 & 3 - Air, 21% - 100%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
9 - 57 meters
Logbook Capacity
24 most recent dives
Max Operational Depth
100 meters
Backlight duration
0/5/10 sec
Sampling Rate
2/15/30/60 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Battery 'hot swap'
PC Interface
2 years











Aeris Epic has overall very similar set of specs and features to Aeris Elite T3, except fully functional digital watch, that perfectly works as stand-alone feature, redesigned user interface with 4 control buttons and display layout with all the ensuing consequences of how dive data is represented to us.

It has only 1 bar graph, shared between nitrogen loading and oxygen accumulation. It doesn't have separate bar graph for Ascent speed indication. And Fast Ascent Warning/Alarm is given by audio, flashing red LED and message SLOW.

Main display during surface and underwater operations has alternative displays and we may easily swap them by pressing ADVANCE button.







Aeris Epic dive computer has all customizable parameters divided into the certain groups, and they are very similar to Aeris Elite T3. Below is a Aeris Epic Settings card with all parameters that diver is allowed to adjust.


Aeris Epic Settings Card

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Aeris Epic: Diving With Air & Nitrox

When set for Nitrox, Aeris Epic will display dive data in No-Decompression mode on Main, Secondary and two Alternative displays.


Aeris Epic NO-DECO Card

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Upon reaching certain conditions, Aeris Epic may give you a Safety Stop prompt with Safety Stop depth and Countdown timer. If you set Safety Stop option to OFF during initial set-up - nothing will be displayed and there is no penalty if we miss Safety Stop.

If we ascend faster allowable maximum limits - Aeris Epic will activate Fast Ascent alarm. When this happens - dive computer will give us audio alarm with red LED flashing, and message SLOW will appear. Of course, we need to slow our ascent after this because that buzzer is really irritating!


As we set scuba diving computer for 2 or 3 Nitrox gas mixes - it allows us to switch between them during a dive. This function is similar to Aeris Elite T3 dive computer - by accessing Gas Switch Preview screen from main display.
Also, to use this option correctly we need to set 2nd and 3rd transmitters to SELF option, but not to BUD option during initial set-up, otherwise we won't be able to use Gas Switching option, as these transmitters will be associated with tanks of our buddies.


If we exceed our No-Decompression Limits (NDLs), Aeris Epic activates Decompression mode. Upon entry into this mode you will hear an audio, red LED will flash and applicable dive data will be displayed. From this moment all calculations will be made regarding to Decompression mode.

Dive computer manages Deco stops perfectly, all data is clearly seen and you won't have any troubles interpreting it.


Aeris Epic DECO Card

Copy this Aeris Epic Deco Diving Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


This data is very similar to what we get with Aeris Elite T3, just in different display layout. And as with Aeris Elite T3, if we create any violations during Decompression mode - Aeris Epic will give us certain display accordingly.


Aeris Epic: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Gauge is the other dive mode we may use Epic for. If we set scuba diving computer as a Gauge - it will work as a depth gauge and timer only without calculating our nitrogen and oxygen accumulations. Also only Gas 1 is available in this mode.

Aeris Epic shows dive data similar to listed below and it is a summary from main, alternative and secondary displays:

  • current and maximum depths;
  • tank pressure - if transmitter is active;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR) - if transmitter is active;
  • time and date;
  • temperature


Aeris Epic: FREEdiving

To make freedivers happy, Aeris designed Epic with Freedive mode. In this mode dive computer calculates nitrogen loading according to Air by default (21%) and the residual amount that you may have left between diving with Air, Nitrox and this freediving from the last 24 hours.

Freedive mode has similar functions and alarms as in Aeris Elite T3. We may set following functions and alarms:

  • Free Countdown Timer;
  • Freedive Elapsed Dive Time (EDT) alarm – ON/OFF, factory preset to 30 seconds and can not be changed;
  • Freedive Depth alarms – 3 depth alarms that can be set at progressively deeper depths at a range 10 – 100 meters in 1 meter increments


Below is a summary of dive data from main and alternative displays:

  • NiBG (if you have any level of residual nitrogen from previous dives);
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • current depth;
  • time and date;
  • temperature;
  • Countdown Timer (CDT) status


During freediving you will get all freedive alarms that you set previously - Freedive EDT alarm will sound every 30 seconds elapsed, Freedive Depth alarms will beep on you when set points of the depths reached, Countdown Timer will give you beeps when time decreases to 'zero'.

Freedive Nitrogen Bar Graph (NiBG) alarm activates when nitrogen remaining from previous dives and current nitrogen loading hits the Caution zone. Aeris Epic will warn you with appropriate display, audio and red LED flashing.

If you get into the Decompression during freediving, dive computer will activate Violation mode for 24 hours, which means that you must stay out of diving for the next 24 hours, and only Watch mode functions will be operational.

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Aeris Epic has similar to Aeris Elite T3 set of functions that you may access after 10 minutes of Transition period:

  1. Dive Planner;
  2. No-Fly and Desaturation Countdown Timers;
  3. Logbook for Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes (freedives are not recorded in the Logbook, but saved in dive computer's memory for downloading them to PC for further viewing and organizing the dive data);
  4. History for Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes (freedives are not recorded in the History, but saved in dive computer's memory for downloading them to PC for further viewing and organizing the dive data);
  5. Upload/Download settings and data from/to PC using special data cable and software that are included in the package.


Below you may find short description of post-dive modes.

Dive Planner calculates and shows our No-Decompression bottom times at certain depths, according to nitrogen and oxygen accumulation from the previous dive or from the period of last 24 hours and Personal Conservative Factor setting.
No-Decompression times are calculated only for FO2 of Gas 1. FO2s for Gas mixes 2 & 3 don't make any effect on Dive Planner calculations. Dive Planner works for the range of depths 9 - 57 meters.

No-Fly and Desaturation Countdown Timers show us time to fly or tissue desaturation respectively.

Logbook can store 24 the most recent dives and consists of 2 pages of detailed dive data. Battery removal doesn't make any effect on dive logs stored in the computer's memory.

History stores summary information of total number of dives, total number of dive hours, lowest temperature and maximum depth reached. And as well, battery removal doesn't make any effect on dive history stored in the computer's memory.


To work with PC upload/download function you need to have PC interface cable and CD with software that are included in the package. After installing software on your PC, you will be able to upload (change) some settings of Aeris Epic directly from the PC, like alarms, date and time, parameters from Utilities group, but FO2s and alarms for freediving you still need to enter by using dive computer control buttons.

Logbook and History of Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes are available for download to PC for viewing, organizing and printing your dive logs. Freediving logs and history can be viewed only after downloading them into your PC.







Aeris Epic: What Divers Say


  • great computer with all critical info at your finger tips;
  • despite its small size, it is easy to read the information;
  • dive computer has all of the high end features of any other computer, but is as compact as a watch;
  • software to set up your basic settings is really nice;
  • works great, as a standalone wrist watch



  • manual could be organized a bit better;
  • poorly designed interface and seal on the battery compartment can be better;
  • complicated dive computer


Aeris Epic is wireless air-integrated dive computer, and this option gives you possibility to receive air data not only from your own tanks, but to check pressure of your buddy’s cylinder – it is an important benefit for you, especially if you are an instructor!

Dive computer has capabilities of setting 3 Nitrox mixes, and using it as a gauge or for freediving – that’s another benefit for you, if you like challenges!

User manual could be really organized better, but everything requires learning, especially if we have high-tech instrument like this one. And when you study thoroughly all principles of setting up and using Aeris Epic – there will be no problems for you anymore – you will be the Master!

From my experience, I can say that display layout is easy to read at any angle and light conditions, and alarms are loud enough to grab my attention even with the hood. I had to play with it while learning manuals though for quite a while. But I don't consider it to be an issue - all high-tech dive computers must be learnt thoroughly!


Aeris Epic dive computerAeris Epic

Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star half star


Aeris Epic can be beneficial and may be recommended dive computer to any diver, regardless of his/her skills, thanks to its wide range of functions and reliability. So, if you want to have instrument that designed to be all-in-one style with a fully functional digital watch - consider Aeris Epic as your dive buddy!



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Eddy, 28 July 2013 03:58
Aeris Epic - All-Round Dive Computer

I may say that with Aeris Epic I don't need anything else to enjoy my diving holidays! It's very sophisticated dive computer loaded with features for recreational and advanced diver. Moreover - I can use it as a wrist watch onshore. It's not bulky for my big arms for everyday wearing!

As other guys wrote - its user documentation is a complicated one, but after learning it and making few dives - I could easily put all info in order in my head! Display is not hard to read even if you are a total newbie. Wireless works steady and gas switching procedure is easy and quick to perform.

I recommend Aeris Epic dive computer for advanced divers, as for starter it may be really difficult to get through all manual and procedures!

Saimon, 21 January 2012 11:14
Compact Aeris Computer With All Functions I Ever Needed

Aeris Epic is a great dive computer not only for every tech diver, but also for serious recreational divers too, who wants to decrease number of hoses! I like the wireless air-integration. I also use it to monitor an air pressure of my students.

User documentation is a bit complicated, but once you learn your way around it, it is a great dive computer with all critical data showed on easy to read display, despite of small size of it.

When I started diving with it - it took me quite a while to get familiar to Epic. And after few tries and errors I became used to all menus and user interface. So, my advice - if you are not familiar to this dive computer - you should have SPG as a back up device, and BTW - you should always have it in case if electronics fails!

As this is high end dive computer, for those people who prefers simple stuff - this is not the right one.

I may give wireless high mark. I still had sometimes losing it, but it always comes back in less than couple of seconds.

Aeris Epic is good for travel too - I may leave my wristwatch at home and use dive computer as a wristwatch. It has main time and of my travel destination.

And switching mixes is flawless.

I'm very pleased with this product.

Nick, 14 June 2011 17:00
Complicated User Manual

I am a happy owner of Aeris Epic! I've been diving with it for about 2 years and logged 180 dives.

And I may tell that docs were real nightmare for the first time! Now, it's OK!

But that time I wished Aeris programmed some kind of electronic help for newbies inside Epic!

Dan, 11 May 2011 17:00
I Got Confused When Diving With Aeris Epic For The First Time

I had a brand new Aeris Epic and it was my first dive with it and I wasn't very proficient with Epic - didn't spend enough time with documentation then.

I was at about 10 meters deep and in some reason decided to make a Bookmark through my habit, like I did with my previous Suunto dive computer. In Suunto D4 to make a bookmark of my diving profile I had to press SELECT button that was on the top left side - so, I did this time too, diving with Aeris Epic. But instead of Bookmark I had gas switching display. I kept pressing other buttons for sometime and couldn't get main display back in some reason.

I decided to resurface because I felt very uncomfortable deep down and signs of panic started crawling on me. Already on surface I gave a bit of laugh at myself, because what I needed only to do - is to wait for about 10 seconds and main screen would come back. It was a good lesson - I understood then that I had to spend more time with user manual before getting underwater!

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