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Aeris Elite T3 - The Little Gem Among Multifunctional Dive Computers

Aeris Elite T3 - The Little Gem Among Multifunctional Dive Computers

Aeris Elite T3 is hoseless air-integrated computer with possibility of programming up to 3 gas mixes and support up to 3 transmitters. Loaded with standard and advanced features that allow using it in different diving scenarios. Friendly interface and reliable dive computer!

General Information
User Interface
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Aeris Elite T3 is a hoseless air-integrated dive computer. It is suitable for different diving activities, like recreational, technical or freediving, thanks to the ability of handling 3 Nitrox gas mixes and Freedive mode. It can be recommended dive computer even for the beginners, who want to advance fast in dive career and need dive computer that has all-in-one. They will find many outstanding features in this wrist watch style dive instrument.


Aeris Elit T3 Features Card

Copy this Aeris Elite T3 Features & Alarms Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


For freediving Aeris Elite T3 dive computer has different set of alarms and we may access it during Freedive set-up. We will discuss those alarms later in Freediving part of our review.



Benefits of using Aeris Elite T3 dive computer

  • you will get dive computer with excellent operational efficiency;
  • you will have wireless air integration for up to 3 transmitters;
  • you will be able to check air pressure of your buddy's tank;
  • are you a cautious diver - you have a Personal Conservative Factor toggle at your disposal;
  • if you like high-tech equipment - you won't be disappointed with Aeris Elite T3!
  • high level of customization gives you possibility to dive in different conditions - from FO2 set for Air to freediving;
  • need to replace battery - not a problem - do it yourself with ease!
  • want to download dive data to your PC - no need to buy separate PC interface cable - it's included








User Interface
3 buttons
Dive Modes
Air, Nitrox, Gauge, FREEdive
Integrated Digital Compass
modified Haldanean
Number of Gas Mixes
Mix 1- Air, 21% - 50%; Mix 2 & 3 - Air, 21% - 100%
1.2 - 1.6 ATA
Air Integration
Safety Stop (SS)
Deep Stop (DS)
Conservative Factor
Altitude adjustment
Gas Switching
Dive Planner
9 - 57 meters
Logbook Capacity
24 most recent dives
Max Operational Depth
120 meters
Backlight duration
0/5/10 sec
Sampling Rate
2/15/30/60 sec
User Replaceable Battery
Battery 'hot swap'
PC Interface
2 years











Dive computer has 3 control buttons and by using them and specific combos you will program and access variety of dive data of Aeris Elite T3.

As many other dive computers Elite T3 has main and alternative displays during surface and diving stages, because of big number of data displayed.

Aeris Elite T3 has 3 bar graphs to show us graphically nitrogen and oxygen loading and our ascent speed. Brief descriptions each of them you may find below:

  1. Nitrogen Loading Bar Graph (NiBG) – shows nitrogen level during dive and after. When diver goes deeper and stays longer his/her nitrogen level increases and dive computer adds new segments to this bar graph, and when person ascends or performs decompression – nitrogen level decreases and dive computer takes away segments; full bar – Decompression mode;
  2. Oxygen Level Bar Graph (O2BG) – shows oxygen toxicity level if Elite T3 set for Nitrox. It works the same as a NiBG – adds and subtracts segments; full bar – High O2 alarm;
  3. Variable Ascent Rate Indicator (VARI) – this one works as a speedometer – displays speed of diver’s ascent by showing certain number of segments; full bar – High ascent alarm with message SLOW, audio and red LED flashing







Aeris Elite T3 has many adjustable parameters and they are divided into certain groups for our convenience.


Aeris Elite T3 Settings Card

Copy this Aeris Elite T3 Customization Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!







Aeris Elite T3: Diving With Air & Nitrox

If we set Aeris Elite T3 for Air - it will have main and 2 alternative displays, and if for Nitrox - we will get 3rd alternative display with specific information regarding to Nitrox settings.


Aeris Elite T3 NO-DECO Card

Copy this Aeris Elite T3 No-Decompression displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


When we reach set depth for Safety Stop (SS) - dive computer will beep on us, warning that it is the time to have Safety Stop. And surely it will produce appropriate SS display with all necessary information with countdown timer. If we set Safety Stop option to OFF - dive computer won't show us any Safety Stop display during our ascent and there is no penalty if we miss one.

Upon fast ascending we may cause Aeris Elite T3 to activate Fast Ascent alarm. If this happens - dive computer will give us audio alarm with red LED flashing, full VARI bar graph and message SLOW. Of course we need to slow in order to calm down our computer!


Dive computer constantly monitors our PO2 and O2 status and if certain conditions exists - it will give us High PO2 or High O2 alarms with all corresponding data on displays.

As this dive computer is designed to handle 3 Nitrox gas mixes - we may swap them during a dive from Gas Switch Preview display (of course, if we enabled Gas 2 & 3 during initial set-up).

Buddy Pressure Check function can be done if we set Transmitters 2 & 3 for this option. If thise transmitters were set to SELF option - Buddy Pressure Check function can not be performed.
And it is obvious that we need to enter correct link codes into dive computer to pair our transmitters properly.


If we exceed our No-Decompression Limits (NDLs), Aeris Elite T3 activates Decompression mode. Upon entry into this mode you will hear an audio, red LED will flash and applicable dive data will be displayed. From this moment all calculations will be made regarding to Decompression mode.


Aeris Elite T3 DECO Card

Copy this Aeris Elite T3 Decompression displays Card for your Reference and Share with your friends and buddies!


During decompression diver may create violations, which happen if he/she ascends shallower and stays for some time above the displayed decompression stop depth, or diver may descend deeper than Maximum Operational Depth (MOD), or decompression requires ceiling depth range between 18 m and 21 m deep – in this case dive computer activates appropriate Violation mode and manages it to help us safely perform decompression and ascend in those situations.


Aeris Elite T3: Diving In GAUGE Mode

Aeris Elite T3 may be used as a Gauge. It doesn’t perform any calculations of nitrogen and oxygen loading and decompression conditions. Dive computer can be used as a depth gauge and timer only. As with other computers, after diving with this one in Gauge mode you need to wait 24 hours before you may use it for diving with Air or Nitrox.

Display shows dive data similar to listed below and it is a summary from main and alternative displays:

  • current and maximum depths;
  • tank pressure - if transmitter is active;
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR) - if transmitter is active;
  • VARI (if ascending);
  • time and date;
  • temperature


Aeris Elite T3: FREEdiving

In Freedive mode Elite T3 calculates nitrogen loading according to Air by default and the residual amount that you may have left between diving with Air, Nitrox and this freediving session.

Special settings and alarms for freediving can be accessed and set from Free Surface mode. We may set following functions and alarms:

  • Free Countdown Timer;
  • Freedive Elapsed Dive Time (EDT) alarm – ON/OFF, factory preset to 30 seconds and can not be changed;
  • Freedive Depth alarms – 3 depth alarms that can be set at progressively deeper depths at a range 10 – 100 meters in 1 meter increments


During freediving Aeris Elite T3 displays following dive data (summary from main and alternative displays):

  • NiBG (if you have any level of residual nitrogen from previous dives);
  • Elapsed Dive Time (EDT);
  • current depth;
  • time and date;
  • temperature;
  • Countdown Timer (CDT) status


During freediving you will get all freedive alarms that you set previously - Freedive EDT alarm will sound every 30 seconds elapsed, Depth alarms will remind you about set points of the depths reached, Countdown Timer alarm will beep on you when time decreases to 'zero'.

Also you may have another alarm - NiBG alarm. This one activates when nitrogen remained from previous dives and current nitrogen loading reaches the Caution zone. It may even happen when nitrogen level will increase to Decompression condition.
In this scenario Aeris Elite T3 will activate Violation mode for 24 hours, which means that diver must stay on surface for 24 hours without any diving activities.

Back to Top







Aeris Elite T3 has standart set of features and functions that you may access after 10 minutes of Transition period:

  1. Dive Planner;
  2. No-Fly and Desaturation Countdown Timers;
  3. Logbook for Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes (freedives are not recorded in the Logbook, but saved in dive computer's memory for downloading them to PC for further viewing and organizing the dive data);
  4. History for Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes (freedives are not recorded in the History, but saved in dive computer's memory for downloading them to PC for further viewing and organizing the dive data);
  5. Upload/Download settings and data from/to PC using special data cable and software that are included in the package.


Brief descriptions of above-mentioned features you will find below.

Dive Planner gives us possibilities to see our No-Decompression bottom times at certain depths, according to our nitrogen and oxygen accumulation from the previous dive or from the period of last 24 hours. No-Decompression times are calculated only for FO2 of Gas 1. FO2s for Gas mixes 2 & 3 don't make any effect on Dive Planner calculations. Dive Planner works for the range of depths 9 - 57 meters.

No-Fly and Desaturation Countdown Timers show us time to fly or tissue desaturation respectively.

Logbook can store 24 the most recent dives and consists of 2 pages of detailed dive data. Battery removal doesn't make any effect on dive logs stored in the computer's memory.

History stores summary information of total number of dives, total number of dive hours, lowest temperature and maximum depth reached. And as well, battery removal doesn't make any effect on dive history stored in the computer's memory.

PC upload/download function should not make any difficulties for you. Interface cable and CD with software are included in the package. And after installing software on your PC, you will be able to upload (change) some settings of Aeris Elite T3 directly from the PC, like alarms, date and time, parameters from Utilities group.
But FO2s and alarms for freediving you still need to enter by using dive computer control buttons.
Logbook and History are available for download to PC for viewing, organizing and printing your dive logs.







Aeris Elite T3: What Divers Say


  • perfect dive computer for everyone, regardless of your skill level;
  • easy and clear to read display at any conditions;
  • perfect dive computer for multiple dives in a day;
  • easy to press buttons even in thick gloves;
  • easy to replace battery;
  • excellent operational efficiency;
  • no problems with wireless



  • manual is a complicated one - need to go through the book again and again;
  • wireless signal can be poor


Aeris Elite T3 is a great dive computer not only for divers with long experience, but it may be recommended dive computer for the person who just started diving, wants to progress in scuba diving career fast, and wants something to grow into.

Going through manuals, it may be confused from the beginning, but remember - this dive computer is from high-tech range of dive instruments, so you need to devote some time to learn everything to get maximum use from Aeris Elite T3.


This dive computer is capable of being customized for different diving situations and it is another benefit, because it will give the flexibility of using it both in air and nitrox, or gauge and freediving, and at the same time it provides us with all measures to keep us safe!

Displays are clearly seen under water and alarms are clearly heard. You switch between different gas mixes very simply and ‘buddy’s pressure check’ works seamlessly.

And we think that the biggest benefit that this dive computer gives to you – it is its reliability in service and operations! 


Aeris Elite T3 dive computerAeris Elite T3

Dive-Computer-Wizard Rating
golden star golden star golden star golden star half star


If you want to have multitasking dive computer that has broad range of functions and covers wide area of use - try Aeris Elite T3! This model definitely increase and improve your skills as a diver!



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Enrique, 22 July 2019 22:54
Terrible Computer

This computer is terrible, it does not dowload the logs, and the software that comes along is pretty much useless. DONT BUY!!

Alvin, 25 July 2013 19:10
Dive Computer With Great Potential

I've been looking for dive computer after my certification and after analyzing all sorts of models on this site got Aeris Elite T3 with wireless transmitter from Leisurepro.

I can tell you that this is a THING! It's pucked with all imaginable and not imaginable functions that can make happy not only novice diver, but also people who dive with technical mixes and freedivers!

I've been told to stay out off wireless dive computer because connection could be unstable, but Aeris Elite T3 discredited all those concerns. Wireless works very steady and all system is very reliable!

I came very close to start technical diving with all 3 gas mixes thanks to Elite T3. And later I will try freediving, why not! I have such a great buddy!

SJ, 5 March 2013 11:04
No Worries With Wireless

I've been diving with Aeris Elite T3 for the last 3 years. I've bought it to replace my analog gauges and at the same time to try something new and high-tech.

This dive computer has never failed me. It took my time to read documentation and learn all aspects of it, but when I got it all - I won't change it for anything else around!

It is very workable in any conditions, all alarms are clear understood and audio is loud. Display - easy to read. Setting it up and changing gas mixes - easy!

I could see my wife's air pressure - just need to get closer to her tank. And never lost wireless!

I recommend Aeris Elite T3 to everyone who needs multitasking and reliable dive computer, but be prepared to study user manual thoroughly!

Alan, 8 February 2012 17:00
Aeris Elite T3 Allows Me Advancing In Diving Career Quickly

I logged on Aeris Elite T3 75 dives so far. I used it to dive with air and nitrox, at night and in wreck diving, and without any problems.

I may say that I got used to it, and this dive computer is really easy to operate, once I learnt button functions, and easy to program once I worked my way through the user manual. User documentation is pretty complicated one, and sometimes I had to have it with me on the trip.

Aeris Elite T3 has way too many functions, even more than I needed, but I wanted dive computer that I would grow with as a diver. I particularly like wireless air integration and additional dive data displayed, like Air Time Remaining and real bottom time calculated. Turn Pressure and End Pressure alarms, Conservative Factor and Safety Stop features give me extra-safety, so I may completely concentrate on diving!

Wireless works well, only lost signal for 2-3 times and it always got back within seconds. Coloured bar graphs are very useful - I just glance down and can assess current situation. There is tons of dive data, but display is big enough to accomodate all information.

PC software looks outdated, but serves its purpose. For the money I paid for Aeris Elite T3 - it's a great computer!

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