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Sleek CYANO Dive Computer - Direct Appeal To Young Divers!




CYANO Dive Computer is a wristwatch-style dive computer which uses its attractive appearance to appeal to young divers based on a compact and sleek design.

CYANO is a durable and solid product, constructed with high quality materials such as SUS316L Stainless Steel and silicone. By adopting a wireless recharging method, it reduced the inconvenience and risk of battery replacement.
The battery life of CYANO is 10 hours in diving mode, more than 48 hours in watch mode and more than 15 days in standby mode.

CYANO dive computers

CYANO Dive Computers


The Cyano diving computer comes equipped with two different modes, Diving Mode and Watch Mode. The diving mode lets you keep an eye on diving logs, water depth, water temperature, no-decompression limit etc. so that you perform a safe dive. You can also connect to the Cyano mobile app via Bluetooth and organize your information in a convenient manner.

In watch mode, you can use this dive computer as a stylish alarm watch. Cyano is fully compatible with Apple Watch bands, allowing you to customize it to your liking.

Furthermore, there is a CYANO application by which users can easily change the mode. It is possible to store and manage diving logs with the application and can be shared by SMS.

CYANO dive computer

CYANO Dive Computer


Connecting the Cyano to your smartphone via Bluetooth allows you to extend your diving experience, letting you easily manage your dive data with our proprietary Cyano application.
The Cyano app lets you easily share your photos and dive data on social media. You can share your diving experience with divers across the world and get inspiration for your next diving adventure.