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Dive computer reviews are perfectly organized and consist of fully researched information and ratings of Aeris, Cressi, Mares, Oceanic, Sherwood, Suunto, Tusa, and UWATEC/ScubaPro brands.  In Catalogue Section you may compare any models side-by-side and select dive computer according to your needs! Join thousands of happy customers!


Why does somebody need scuba dive computer reviews?


Answer is easy. Any diver, sooner or later, will want to invest in dive computer or do an upgrade. This is quite a serious step that may involve a long and exhaustive research (just vividly recalling myself here!). In nowadays diving, scuba computers became an integral part of every set of scuba gear, whether it is open or closed circuits.

And Dive-Computer-Wizard.com helps you to save time and find the best model, according to your needs.


aeris logo
Among AERIS dive computers you will find big range of models that will satisfy beginners and advanced recreational and technical divers. Aeris delivered elegance, reliability and multifunctionality in small robust packages that made this company one of the leaders in our scubadiving market. With Aeris A300 Ai this brand keeps strong positions in technical diving.
cressi logo
CRESSI dive computers are designed for sport-diving and with easiness of use and user-friendliness in mind. They cover broad range of diving scenarios - whether you dive with Air or doing freediving - it is all within their grasp! Double gas mix Cressi Giotto definitely shows company's dedication to advancement in recreational diving!
mares logo
MARES dive computers occupy quite a big niche in nowadays scubadiving market and are very popular around the world. MARES deployed many innovations and you may find many unique characteristics and features that make MARES, probably, one of the most wide-used brand around our diving community. And unique Icon HD dive computer is a true proof of it!
oceanic logo
When someone says ‘Oceanic’ – you imagine right away not only OCEANIC dive computers, but full range of scuba diving equipment with highest quality grade and all possible versatility! Because Oceanic is a world best-known brand that doesn't need to be introduced twice! And the best and well-known specimens are Oceanic OC1 and OCS.
sherwood logo
SHERWOOD dive computers number few specimens of hose air-integrated and wrist-mounted dive instruments. If you are recreational diver - beginner or advanced with Nitrox Certification - you may consider to invest in Sherwood brand. They count Profile, Insight, Wisdom 2 & 3, and Amphos instruments, that are easy to learn, use, and pleasure to dive with.
suunto logo
SUUNTO dive computers are well-known for their elegance and multifunctionality, precision and reliability. Once you tried them – you won’t use anything else instead! From the little Gekko to one of the most sophisticated and best dive computer in our market Suunto D9tx – it is a great step in technology, design and innovation from Suunto!
tusa logo
TUSA dive computers brought to our scubadiving community Japanese finesse and excellence in workmanship. This brand keeps strong positions in design and production the full range of gear for scubadiving, snorkeling, and swimming with the exceptional quality and reliability! Its range of the instruments can satisfy everyone – from the beginner to the most demanding diver. Wireless air-integrated Tusa ZEN Air shows correct company's attitude to recreational and technical diving.
uwatec logo
UWATEC dive computers (ScubaPro) are considered to be ultimate dive instruments with very different style and personality in design and operations. They combine highest degree of engineering mastership and user-friendliness, which give us opportunity to have very special and unforgettable diving experience. ScubaPro UWATEC is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of the high quality and standards products for scubadiving, snorkeling, and swimming. Dive computer UWATEC Galileo SOL - is the true Computer For Diving!


There is huge variety of different models in our market these days, made by such well-known companies, like Aeris and Cressi, Mares and Oceanic, Suunto and Tusa, UWATEC and Sherwood. And we may continue this list. We have, probably, more than 15 manufactures, who supply their dive computer models to our market these days and number of them are well beyond hundred!

Different units can be used in different situations, serve different purposes and satisfy different needs. They may be designed with variety of mounting options, have few dive modes, and moreover - they use different algorithms to compute No-Decompression Limits and manage decompression and quite a few of them have very extensive range of features.

You may find hose air-integrated and hoseless instruments that are using special device – transmitter, connected to the first stage of the regulator to monitor gas pressure in your tank and even remotely view your "buddy's" air pressure; and Conservative Factor, Deep and Safety Stops settings are among other standard features.

Other thing that is very different is a price. So you have to consider this as well, because, I think, you don’t want your family to suffer financially because of your investment!

I may continue number of things to consider for another page at least, and any person may get confused while digging among those dive computer different brands, and by the end may make a wrong decision by being overwhelmed.

Dive-Computer-Wizard.com gives you thoroughly researched information, which helps you to avoid possibility of mistakes that may lead to disappointment while using certain model or brand, which is not corresponding to your needs.
Use Comparison feature to freely explore similarities and differences in variety of models to make a 'direct hit' and pick up the best dive computer for your needs! Join thousands of happy customers with ease!

In order to make the best of the information, provided on this website, you must know your needs exactly, see your diving career pathway, what features and functions are desirable in dive computer that you want, and your funds of investment.

We are very sure that Dive-Computer-Wizard.com will definitely be a great help for you, by providing support and advice, and leading you to the final decision in picking up a certain model that totally meets your expectations and will make your dive experience more enjoyable and unforgettable!



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